Courses and Training


We are pleased to offer two online courses and two personally customised training courses, all supported by shamanic wisdom, to assist you to further refine and grow creative, productive, emotional, and intellectual resources in both personal and professional spaces.

The first two courses to be offered online are designed to support you into co-creation.

The first course is a Part One in 'Mastering Co-Creation'. This is a 'Vision-board/Cocreation-board Project' where you will be guided through creative and well explored processes, guided by shamanic wisdom, to call in your dreams and visions, encouraged to set goals and to take quests to assist your dreaming into creation.

The second course is Part Two in 'Mastering Co-Creation'. Here, you are invited to 'Journal with Giraffe'. Giraffe energy medicine guides us in powerful ways to walk the earth with greater awareness of our manifesting capacity. This course will assist you to step right into your life, to fly above it and see it from many perspectives, to build strong foundations beneath it, and to bring it into being through conscious exploration and focused attention. Your journal becomes your Confidant and Advocate, your Wise Guide, your Inner Healer and, your Seer and Alchemist, your Quester and your Action Taker.

You will find two training courses on offer to guide you onto a path of shamanic wisdom, if that is your calling. 

A Shamanic Path (ASP), is currently facilitated individually face to face, or on zoom. However, in a very short time, this will become available online to assist many more people who are waking up to this ancient, empowering and conscious  way of walking.

Shamanic Path and Practice (SPP) practitioner training is on offer for those of you who wish to integrate shamanic processes and practices into your existing allied health business. This course is also offered to those of you who are seeking deep, transformative healing, who are interested in setting up a practice when they have come through the other side. This is currently only offered as apprentice training with Heather. Changes are afoot however, so watch this space. 

More information can be found on each course as you continue to explore the page and move through portals. 

Mastering Co-Creation Offer One


A Creative Vision/Co-Creation Board Process

It is time to dream, vision, plan and action daily tasks as a Co-Creator, that is, as an empowered partner in the creation of your life.

This process has been fine-tuned over fifteen years to bring great rewards to those who have experienced it. 


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Mastering Co-Creation Offer Two


A Dynamic Journalling Process 

BE GIRAFFE stretches you beyond your comfort zone, to see your visions and goals clearly, embodying Giraffe to reach the best fruit on the top of the tree. 

This online course will assist you into empowering realms of co-creation never explored before.


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A Shamanic Path


Customised Training

Retrieving, engaging and nurturing your true nature within the Natural World.

This delightful journey draws on a number of dynamic shamanic tools and blueprints to assist you to integrate ancient wisdom into your path to enable you to live, love and lead in a spirited way.


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SPP Practitioner Training


An Apprentice Opportunity

For those interested in exploring ancient wisdom and building an energy healing practice as a Shamanic Path and Practice practitioner.  

This shamanic training is face to face where possible, and there are some opportunities for partial online training.


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EMD Level One

Practitioner Training

Energy Medicine Deepening  with Heather Price and Stephie Lister. 

A  weekend of training for practitioners or trainees to  awaken the vibrational medicine of the Inner Worlds to enhance your existing, or intended, holistic healing, wellbeing, and ceremonial, practice.

Foundational Teachings.

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EMD Level Two

 Practitioner Training

Energy Medicine Deepening with Heather Price and Stephie Lister. 

A  weekend of training for practitioners or trainees to master energy medicine tools and practices to enhance your existing, or intended, holistic, wellbeing and ceremonial practice. 

Crystal Wisdom and Sound Healing featured.

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With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, now known as Australia and Torres Strait Islands, to custodians and elders past, present, and emerging. To my teachers and ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country. Great gratitude to all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​

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