A Shamanic Path

A Personal Journey of Consciousness Awakening

and Self-Leadership

Individual In-Person Training in Shamanic Wisdom with Heather Price



A pathway of retrieving and nurturing your True Nature awaits,

within the Natural World.


This delightful journey draws on a number of dynamic shamanic tools and blueprints to assist you to integrate ancient wisdom into your path to enable you to live, love and lead in a spirited way.


Please be aware Customised Training in ASP with Heather is available for a short time only, after which this course will be offered on-line.


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Walking A Shamanic Path 

A Story of Re-Awakening and Healing

Life can present us with surprising challenges that take us off our familiar path, often instigated by Mother Nature, over whom we have to admit we don't have the power to control.

Living on the land for the first thirty eight years of my life, taught me a great deal about what I could and could not control. 

There were many years of heart-breaking drought, contrasting years when we would experience devastating floods, and other times when our land would be ravaged by bushfires, though the latter was personally rare thank goodness. 

My father was the captain of the State Emergency Services for some of this time. He was a pilot and would fly my sisters and I over the ravaged country when it was under threat, checking to see how the stock were managing. 

My connection with the spirit of Country and other Spirits came in a number of ways.  Early in childhood I had heard the comforting  whispers of Trees as they held me while I poured out my woes to them.  As I grew up, I stayed close to trees, but forgot to talk to them, and I forgot how to listen to them.

Later, as an adult and mother of three children, I learned first hand the huge responsibility of living on the land, taking care of animals and the plants, and being in harmony with Nature, and the spirits of the land. In my late thirties, I returned to the Trees to overcome a breakdown in my nervous system that was caused by stress. 

I vividly remember the day I reconnected with the Spirit of Trees. I had gone for a walk amongst the nearby woodlands, praying for recovery of my nervous system, for while I could think thoughts, I had great difficulty speaking them. All that came out was a nervous stutter.  My young family needed me, and I was desperate to find a way to recover.

As I walked into the forest, I could hear an Inner Voice guiding me to sit on a tree stump facing a huge Bloodwood Tree. I closed my eyes and drifted into a peaceful place within me. I could feel an energy pulling me toward the Bloodwood Tree. Opening my eyes softly, I stood up and walked over to touch the trunk of the Bloodwood Tree. Instantly I felt my spirit leave my body and I could feel myself shrinking until I was the size of an ant. I was now on the ground at the foot of the tree looking up at it. 

Feeling great love from the Tree pouring into my heart, I released all tension in my body, my mind and my heart. As I nestled in amongst the ants, I realised that the Bloodwood Tree was healing me, and I opened myself fully to that possibility. I learned that day that when you open your heart and fully trust, surrendering all resistance, magic can happen. 

My nervous system fully recovered soon after my healing with the Grandfather Bloodwood Tree. I came to realise that Bloodwoods are exactly that - a place to go to for connection with our bloodline, and our ancestors. 

My Irish and Scottish ancestors knew the power of Mother Nature, with our relationship and connection with trees being a major part of Celtic Shamanism, as I was recently reminded in studies in Celtic Shamanism with Jane Burns. 

During my initiation into the path of Shamanism, I spent a lot of time in the forests around where I lived, talking and listening to Tree and Mountain Spirits. They taught me a great deal about Walking Between Worlds, and in about 2004 I began to take groups of people into the Forest to teach them what I knew about talking and listening to the whispers of Nature Spirits, reading and following signs, calling in dreams, and healing and creating ceremony in the heart of Mother Nature. Eventually I called my offerings A Shamanic Path, ASP. And yes, there is a Snake Story that goes with this, but I will save it for another day. 



ASP Training Methodology


Times have changed, and so has our way of communicating. Presently I, like so many of my colleagues,  am preparing to make my teachings more available, taking as much as I am able online. 

For now, this training in ASP is still in apprenticeship format, where you reach out when called, and we see if there is room in my time-table and we have a fit. We will meet online, or face to face if you live nearby or are prepared to travel, and I will guide you on the path. Eventually, when the time is right, I will offer this training in a way that it will reach many students called to this way. shamanic wisdom is truly needed right now to assist us all in a safe and delightful passage through changing times. 


  • Face to face zoom lessons work very well. You will normally book 2 hour training blocks. We discuss the frequency together. 
  • Training face to face in person is possible if you choose to travel to Maleny in Queensland to study. 
  • Training can take place in Nature with detailed preparation and phone support where there is internet coverage. 
  • Training is customised around your personal interest after Module One Part One and Part Two are complete. These first two modules are required for all students to study as foundational units to build on.
  • You are encouraged to join the Shamanic Mandala and Sacred Drum Facebook Group page to stay in touch with me and other community members. A dedicated ASP group is underway in the making.
  • Time credits may be given if you have prior knowledge of some subjects and this can be discussed as you go.
  • The standard cost for personalised face to face (online or in person with Heather) training is $180 an hour. This is negotiable in some cases and is reviewed in July each year.
  • Each module has between 4-8 hours of training. You can review the hours in the section below.
  • Payment details and the cancellation policy and other details will be outlined in the next section when you decide to invest. You will have a chance to review these before committing. 

ASP Training Outline

In this online course, you will be introduced to a number of creative tools to guide you to Live Love and Lead In A Spirited Way! 


Module One Part One: The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness 4 Hours

  •  Introduction to the Sacred Map of Consciousness & 4 C’s
  • Ceremony and Mandala Creation
  • Drum Journey to meet your Animal Spirits.
  • Introduction to the Elements to define your True-Heart-Spirit
  • Setting Quests and Home Play

☆ Module One Part Two: The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness 4 Hours

  • Revision The 8 Directions through Ceremony, looking at archetypes and transitional (ego) development (touching on this)
  • Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness (CCCC)
  • Dreaming Your Way
  • Creative Creation Space
  • Drum Journey to Sacred Mountain
  • Creating Dreaming, Celebration, Gratitude and/or Prayer Sticks

☆ Module Two: Whispering, Meeting and Communicating with  Spirit Animals and Guides 4 Hours

  • Understanding the many forms of spirit guides
  • Methodologies for connecting with your guides.
  • Communicating with your guides – application.
  • Channeling wisdom
  • Signs and how to see and interpret them.

Module Three: Maintaining a Strong Energy Field. 4 Hours

  • Daily Greeting
  • Daily Cleanse
  • Chord Pulling
  • Field Repair, Massage and Energising
  • Chakra Cleanse
  • Spirit Animal and Elements Assistance Repair/Healing

☆ Module Four: Healing and Journeys with the Sacred Drum. 6 Hours

  • What you need to know for safe Creative Visioning and Journey Practices.
  • Ceremony and the Sacred Drum
  • Communicating and surrendering to the spirit of your drum
  • The Sacred Map and the drum
  • Beats for different purposes – journeys, self-healing, story talk
  • Drumming with the elements
  • Self-healing with Drum

☆ Module Five:  Shamanic Wisdom-Walk with Sign Interpretation in Nature and Symbols  4 Hours

  • Connecting with nature spirits
  • Preparation to walk the world between worlds
  • Connecting with the elements and surroundings
  • Observing signs
  • Walking the land and taking a question to nature 
 ☆  Module Six: Journey with Your Ancestors  6 Hours
  • Meet your Ancestors
  • Unfinished business by Ancestors
  • Archetypes and Ancestors
  • Fostering Your Inner Child
  • De-shielding using 2 methods

☆ Module Seven: The 8 Ways Guidelines. 4 Hours

  • Preparation The 8 Ways Handbook
  • Creating a manifesto
  • The power of intention & attitude
  • The power of Self-knowing
  • Harmony with Nature and Laws
  • Dreaming and Questing
  • Know Your Why?

 ☆ Module Eight: Crystal Wisdom  4 Hours

  • Crystal Care
  • Crystal dowsing
  • Crystal Wisdom & Scrying
  • Crystals for Healing
  • Crystal Gridding

☆ Module Nine:  Sacred Earth Mandala Creation  4 Hours

  • For Holding Energy
  • For Gratitude
  • Questing
  • For Scrying
  • For self-healing
  • For distant healing

☆ Module Ten: Past and Other Lives Exploration with Shamanic Journeys  6 Hours

  • Understanding time travel
  • Unfinished business this life
  • Exploring significant lifetimes
  • Negative and positive options
  • Parallel Lives
  • Future in this life – time travel


The outcomes from your study in ASP that you can anticipate include:

  • You will develop a broader perspective of who you are within an ancient map of wisdom.
  • You will walk with greater awareness  of Nature, and of your own True Nature. 
  • You will have a greater realisation of what it is that you really want.
  • You will come to understand resistance on your path and learn new ways to more confidently move forward.
  • You will gain a number of powerful tools to support you into more confident visioning, action-taking, relating, thinking and being in the world. 
  • You will develop a greater sense of having support in the Worlds In Between the World Around you, and be more able to confidently and consciously navigate these worlds. 
  • You qualify as having completed many of the foundational and some advanced lessons covered in A Shamanic Path and Practice (SPP) practitioner training and will be given credits for SPP if you decide to migrate to this training. 

A Spirited Story

"Heather Price is a gifted, knowledgeable and compassionate healer. She is someone who understands the unseen world, and is able to teach others how to enlarge their own capacities to do so too. 

I have benefited immensely both personally and professionally from her training course.  Heather generously shares her gifts in a safe, supportive environment.  She teaches with much passion and joy. 

I have no hesitation in recommending her services and courses to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and others, and to professionals wanting to expand their healing capabilities".

Gail Kenny, 
Gestalt Psychotherapist Brisbane 


A Spirited Story


I developed my skills and understanding of crystals, chakras and auras beyond what I expected to attain from the course. I bettered my ability to hold sacred space with love and respect to the Ancestors, the Animals, my Self and Spirit.  

I particularly love that Heather takes us out to sacred natural spots, to connect with Mother Earth in ceremony, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the magic that is waiting there for those with the knowledge.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to connect deeper and discover more magic."  

Tanya Kurzbock - Intuitive Artist and Emotional Colour Therapy Facilitator

A Shamanic Path Lovingly Awaits..






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  • An expansion of possibility and confidence as you bring your dreams to life and learn to trust yourself and your capacity as a Master of Co-Creation. 
  • Tremendous, moments of joy and inspiration that comes from deepening your connection with the energy spirits in Nature in the Worlds In Between, and with your healing/guiding tribe in your World Within.
  • The satisfaction of being ready to take action and step fully into your life with clear vision and steps to reach your goals. 
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With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
Thank you for stopping by here and we hope to hear from you soon!