About me

Hi, I’m Heather.  I look forward to sharing the journey with you to help you achieve a more peaceful, loving, productive and joyful life.

Much of the first thirty six years of my life were filled with uncertainty, stress and anxiety, governed by an inner voice that I came to know as my Wounded-Heart. There came a turning point where I decided to take control of my life and heal my body from the inside out, studying Reiki, Social Science and Counselling. These studies also supported my interest and passion for helping others in my community. 

During this time of restoration and retrieval of my True-Heart Self, I developed a strong connection with my Inner World, where I discovered wise guides who were there to comfort and show me new ways to walk my path.

Over an intense period of five years of initiation, in what I later came to understand was the Shamanic Way, my Inner World teacher-guide taught me how to observe the natural cycles around me, and to map these across to the human experience. I was shown how energy moved in worlds within, above and below - beyond the visible world.

As my teacher-guide taught me how to see signs in Nature and my surrounding environment, I became more skilled in discerning and listening to whispers in unseen worlds, and interpreting signs around me by using the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness, as I later called it, to guide me. 

At this time, shamanic teachers from the visible World Without began to show up, and they helped me understand, and further define, my transpersonal experience. 

In 2004, after five years of training this way, I began to share and teach what I knew with clients who were grateful for their rapid progress and healing and were eager to become students.

In the visible world I was keeping just as active, guiding three growing sons into manhood, studying social science, and working with youth in the area of behavioural management as a counselling case-manager in outreach programs with Education Queensland and associated organisations.

For twenty years, I have loved practicing, and later teaching, these powerful techniques to help others find inner peace, and to expand their awareness of the unseen worlds surrounding and supporting them. 

For some time now, I have seen myself as a bridge between worlds, assisting others to safely and skilfully navigate their way in seen and unseen worlds found within the Sacred Circle Map. I enjoy teaching them how to listen deeply, see clearly, think cleanly, and become confident and conscious co-creators of their life, above, below and around them.

There is no doubt that life experience has contributed a great deal of wisdom to my practice as a shamanic energy healing practitioner and teacher. My more personal journey as daughter, sister, granddaughter, rural and urban woman, artist, partner, mother, aunt, grandmother, trusted friend, ceremony woman and 'sista' have all largely contributed to who I am today. 

There is little separation between work and play, for I dearly love what I have to offer the world, live to serve and shine my truth, the Shamanic Way. 


More About Heather Price And Her Offerings

B.Soc.Sci. (Couns.), Member IICT
Shamanic Path and Practice Practitioner, Mentor and Trainer, Corporate Wellbeing & Visioning Consultant, Clinical Counsellor, Ceremonial Holder, Presenter/Speaker, Community Service Provider, & Published Author.

Heather offers counselling and mentoring for personal and professional development, training individuals as practitioners and path-walkers in shamanic path and practice. She is a wellbeing and visioning consultant for clients in business and corporate arenas, and is an experienced workshop facilitator and presenter. Her greatest passions are writing and holding sacred circles and ceremony for community, especially in nature.

Heather offers guidance for people from all walks of life, and is passionate about supporting a number of women’s circles and community in general where ever she lives, including as a member and facilitator in the Womenspace community, and as ceremony woman and facilitator for Being Woman community from 2009-2019.  Heather has supported Womens Wellbeing in a variety of ways for a number of years, and has facilitated previously at Everywoman. She is Visionary and Co-Founder of VisionKeepers, a leadership group, along the East Coast of Australia. She is an active member and has been a facilitator for the Unity and Radiance Dance Communities, Sydney.

Heather aspires to inspire people into spirited living, loving and leading, stepping into their True- Heart Nature, holding respect for their environment, their ancestors, future generations, community, and the earth.

Heather supports people to have clear dreams and goals, and a strong, daily holistic practice of self-care and self-leadership. She is passionate about supporting women’s issues and co-ordinated an installation “Hung Out to Dry” to bring attention to the homelessness crisis at present for women in Maleny, and nationally, on International Women’s Day 2021.

To assist her service and offerings, she teaches The 8 Ways, Shamanic Guidelines for Walking Consciously and Confidently in the World. The principles of these guidelines have been woven into the Daily Co-Creation Cards that Heather has designed to specifically to support her work. She has co-authored a number of books invested in supporting and educating readers into walking consciously and confidently on their path. Heather has been a guest speaker on a variety of podcasts over the years, including Angel Heart Radio, The Difference Blog-Talk Radio, Passion Harvest, Rosita and Pepa, and A Higher Branch. She presented at the P2.0 Sydney conference in 2018 and is a global ambassador for Parenting 2.0. Heather has been a regular guest presenter at Woodford Folk Festival since 2013.


About Shamanism

Living, Loving and Leading ~ The Shamanic Way


Shamanism is thought to be one of the oldest healing practice surviving today, with cave art displaying records of this way  30,000 years ago.

The word 'shaman' is believed to have come from the word 'saman', found in the language spoken by the Manchu-Tungus Tribe in Siberia, northern Asia.

Shamanism has become a generic term across many cultures, particularly in the West, to describe spiritual healers and diviners who are seen as wise men and women bridging the worlds of the seen and unseen. Examples of where you might find other terms to describe shamans are sangoma in South Africa, kahuna in Hawaii, and may be likened to priestesses and Druids in Celitc shamanism. 

The most simple explanation for this  ancient healing way is to describe it as where Spirit meets Nature, where everything animate and inanimate in Creation is seen as having a living spirit that is able to travel beyond the physical into multiple dimensions of consciousness. Connecting with and serving community is a common feature of the shamanic way.

Scholars may refer to contemporary shamanistic practices and ways as Neo-shamanism, or new-shamanism. There has been a strong movement of returning to this ancient healing practice which has been forced underground for hundreds of years during times of suppression by churches and political leaders. 

There is no single set of principles for shamanic walkers and practitioners. However, each person who takes this journey may create their own principles from their personal or cultural lore. 

The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness (SCMC) guides the Shamanic Path and Practice (SPP) teachings. This map presents eight worlds to navigate your way through life. The Worlds: Within, Below, Above and Without. The Worlds in the East (Spirit), North (Body), West (Heart) and South (Mind). 

There are a number of ways to weave the Shamanic Way into your life: as a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, as a Shamanic Walker, as a Shamanic Teacher, or as a Shaman. The latter term, out of respect, is reserved for those initiated into shamanism in traditional ways within past and existing Original cultures. 

In Shamanic Path and Practice (SPP), we turn to The 8 Ways to walk more confidently and consciously on our journey. These principles were whispered to me, Heather, in 2011, two years after I visited Hawaii and began to hear wisdom whispered from an Inner World guide I came to know as Master Po. Master Po spoke to me in Hawaiian language for two years, before giving me the The 8 Ways in both English and Hawaiian. This was a great gift to me, and I have tremendous respect for the Hawaiian peoples and their language. There is no claim to The 8 Ways as in any way being seen as traditional Hawaiian principles. 

These Ways summarise the work and way that I teach very well. The original principles given to me contained only a few Hawaiian and English words, and I have expanded slightly on them over the years as I began to explore and embrace them. I have written a Workbook to assist you to study and practice them. There is also a summary of The 8 Ways available for free on the home page of this website. 

Curriculum Vitae Heather Price

Not all my presentations and trainings (giving and receiving) are listed here, however, this CV will give you a good overview of my education and skills.  


Shamanic Healing Practitioner Mentor and Trainer and Intuitive Counsellor; Wellbeing in Industry Consultant; Speaker and Workshop Presenter; Ceremony Facilitator; Community Service; Writer; Artist. Mentor/Consultant for Personal and Professional Development and Vision Planning in Corporate and Small Business.                                                                                                                  


2019- Current. Member International Institute Complimentary Therapies.      

2011-19. Clinical Member of Queensland Counsellors Association 

2011-19. PACFA. Psychotherapist and Counsellors Foundation of Aust.                                         

C.J. Jung Society (Past).                                                                                                            


Thought Leader and Global Ambassador for Parenting 2.0.                     

Visionary and Co-Founder (2016) of VisionKeepers Sydney & Brisbane   

 LOCATION FOR OFFERINGS                                             

Maleny Sydney   Brisbane   Sunshine Coast   Byron Shire   Melbourne   On-line                                                         


Living and Working in Community

My early community-based skills were developed from living and working on or close to the land for most of the first thirty five years of my life. This has been instrumental in establishing my relationship with the land and country people. During this time I became an active community worker in my role as an artist and art teacher, including leading a project sponsored by Youthweek Queensland to employ an indigenous artist to work with over 700 children from local schools. This passion for contributing to and establishing community, particularly to support women and children, has spread throughout my entire working and social life and remains strong today where I continue to build and serve community wherever I go.

These days my principle focus has been working with people committed to creating conscious community, caring for themselves, each other, children, animals, and the planet. Currently I work closely with indigenous aunties and ceremonial elders to create more awareness of the power of ceremonial practices as an elder of Women's Communities at the Sunshine coast. Together we facilitate processes for participants to connect with the Ancestors and other worlds for intuitive guidance, self-healing, and transformation.

Presentations, Workshops, and Meditation

I have been a guest presenter at the 2012/13; 13/14; 18/19; and 19/20. 22/23 Woodford Folk Festival at the Blue Lotus pavilion and Labyrinth. Earlier years saw me presenting at such places as The Queensland Counsellors Association Professional Development for Members and the C.J Jung Society of Queensland. I have also been a regular guest speak at cancer groups on the north side of Brisbane.

For the past twelve years, I have presented hundreds of personal and professional development workshops to small and large groups of people in city, country, remote rural landscapes, with some exprience overseas, to a rich variety of people.

My work also takes me into more mainstream places, holding meditation for busy professionals to learn how to more able manage stress.

Innate Skills

  • Self-leadership and community leadership
  • authentic relations
  • impeccability of process
  • hard work ethic
  • creativity

Skills in Communication, Connecting, and Therapeutic Practice

  • capacity to comprehend and bridge rural-urban cultures and landscapes
  • solutions focused co-operative resolution
  • mediation, counselling, consulting and mentorship
  • inspirational speaking

Skills in Business, Organisations and Corporate

  • mentorship and consultancy
  • visioning – individual, team, and whole company
  • creative and intuitive intelligence
  • branding and identity
  • spirit in business
  • fast track projects

 Educational Skills

  • for developing self-leadership, team-leadership, and teamwork
  • social and professional communication skills
  • change-management and resilience
  • personal and professional development workshops
  • commitment and goal-setting for confident outcomes
  • training in energy transference and transformation
  • training in intuitive communication

 Profile as a Writer

  • Current – E books, and manuals training in for Shamanic Path and Practice.
  • 2012 – 2014: Column Spirit in Life and Business and contribute articles for Australia’s largest health and well-being magazine, Living Now.
  • 2013: Contributing author Communication Impact by Stacey Huish – Chapter: Communicating Consciously.
  • 2012; Published in collaborative project Adventures in Manifesting – Love and Oneness – Chapter: A Smile Will Set You Free (Depression/Grief & Loss/Health Recovery/Change Management)
  • 2011 & 2012: Published in collaborative project Sources of Wisdom 1 & 2 Development of art-speak with Flying Art School Queensland.
  • 1990 – 1999: Undergraduate Academic writing in Arts and Social Science.
  • 1997: Column writer for lifestyle magazine as movie critic.
  • 2005-2006: Contributed to Whitelight and Insight Magazines. Earlier contributions to Art Journals.
  • Project development for ten years on personal projects.
  • 2010 – Current: Professional Blog Shamanic Path and Practice 2010 – current.
  • 2010 – Current: Facebook Group Shamanic Path and Practice
  • 2010 – Current: Twitter



1998 - Current: Self Employed – Director Heather Price Creative Counselling and Healing – a practice that offers personal and professional development, shamanic healing sessions;

Trainer in Shamanic Path and Practice to train health professional as shamanic healing practitioners;  

Ceremonial Presenter-facilitator for health and healing events.

Professional Presenter;

Consultant for Corporate Services and Business,(Corporate Shamanism for Visioning and Well-being) and Facilitator for Workshops for Personal and Professional Development in Brisbane Queensland, Melbourne and country Victoria, Sydney and south-west and north-east country NSW, the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Numinbah Valley NSW, Sydney, Melbourne, Emerald Queensland, Moulemein NSW, Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand.

2011 – 2014                   Private Provider for Safefood Production Queensland for professional and personal development.

2012                             Rural Project with Growthlink, Farmers Corporate Networking Group taking shamanic workshops for personal and professional development.

2008 – 2011                   Contracted as Consultant for Safefood Production Queensland Brisbane, Queensland, toward developing wellbeing, creative vision planning, energy management, and self-leadership within this industry, offering counselling, and soft skills training and mentorship at all levels, executive, management, team, and individual. Corporate Shamanism.

2002 – Current                Trainer in therapeutic model for personal and professional development in Shamanic Path and Practice, formerly known as IVET, Integrative Vibrational Energy Therapy.

1999 – Current                Self-employed Counsellor and Healing Practitioner in Private Practice Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne

1978 – Current                Self-employed Practicing Artist.

2002 -2003                     Part-time Facilitator for Personal Growth and Support for Women’s Group Nicklin Program and Education Queensland.  

2001-2002                      Youthworker and Caseworker with Education Qld. Behaviour Support in Brisbane, working with primary and secondary student who were classified with academic and developmental challenges. Including Triple P For Teenagers Parenting Program Facilitator.

1998 – 2001                   Artist in Residence and Youthworker with PAL – a Primary Assistant Learning Program in Brisbane, Queensland. Assisted in the development of creative communication and alternative learning systems for children at risk of not receiving an education. Two educational awards from Education Queensland were awarded to this team.

1998                             Teacher Aide St James Practical College, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Qld. Assisting youth with disability.

1996                             Weekly Column Writer for Verandah Newspaper.

1992 – 1995                   Private Art Teacher for Youth, Goondiwindi, Queensland.

1978 – 1999                   Self-employed Farmer/Grazier Goondiwindi.



2003                             B.Soc.Sci. (Counselling) with Edith Cowan University – external studies Perth, Western Australia.

2001                             Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, Brisbane Queensland. 

1997-1999                      Dip. Of Communication and Counselling upgraded to Ad.Dip.App.Soc.Sci (Couns.) at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Brisbane, Queensland.  

1997 – 98                       Certificate Drawing, Open College of Art, Australian Arts Council external studies.

1992                             “Computers, A First Course”. Boggabilla Tafe, NSW.

1991 – 1992                   Studies in Etching and Sculpture with Wim de Vos and Frank Lambert McGregor Summer School Toowoomba.

1990 – 1991                   Certificate in Painting, A, B, and C. NSW Tafe external studies.

1980 – 1996                   Studies in Painting and Arts with Flying Art School Queensland.

1975                             Dress Design, East Sydney Technical College.

1969 – 1974                   Secondary Education at Loreto Ladies College, Sydney.



1996 - Current:                Ongoing professional development in counselling,  psychotherapy, and business practice, through organizations such as QCA, Jung Society Business Development, On-line webinars, and professional supervision.

2017- 18

July 29: Aroma Tree Masterclass – Perfect Potions


December 27 – January 2 Woodford Folk Festival:

Rite of Passage Framework: Dr Arnie Rubinstein.

True Renewal – Arts and Ageing; Eileen Kramer and Jean Paul Bell

March 3-6:                      Being Woman Gathering

March 3;                         Robin Clayfield – Personal Rituals and Ceremony

March 4:                        Dinnawhan and Aunties – Dreamtime/Sacred Lore

April 13:                         Trauma-Informed Care and Practice in Domestic and Family Violence Services by Blue Knot Foundation, National Centre for Complex Trauma.                    

May – 17                        Stepping Into Higher Love with Heather Price, Maricris Dominique Delacruz


June 25 – 26: Happiness and its Causes Conference:

June 25:                         Stop Chasing Self-esteem and Just be Self-Compassionate; Dri Kristin Neff, June 25:                                   Pioneering researcher into self-compassion, USA

June 25:                         How can there be a Compassionate Future in a World of Robots and Artificial Intelligence? Professor Mary-Anne Williams, world authority on Artificial Intelligence and Social Robiotics – interested for aspergers clients as research shows is helpful.

June 25:                         Personal Story: Making a Difference in the Face of Great Loss; Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year 2015 and DV advocate.

June 25:                         Developing the Mind of a Leader; Gillian Coutts, corporate mindfulness expert working with global corporatism to create truly human leadership.

June 25:                                Positive Psychology and Prada; Sue Langley dynamic trainer in the practical application of positive psychology.

June 25:                         In Conversation: How to have a happy and meaningful Life; His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Telecast.


2011/12/13                     Hay House Publishing Writers Workshop – Melbourne.

2011                             “Re-enchantment” – a workshop on the cultural and psychological significance of fairy tales with Jungian analyst and Film–maker Sarah Gibson, Brisbane, Queensland.    

                                    Family Constellations with Yildiz Sethi, Brisbane, Qld.

2010                             The Therapeutic Process with Children and Adults” by Susan de Campo, Brisbane Queensland.

2009                             Shaman Intensive Studies with Dr Serge Kahili King (PhD) in Volcano, Big Island, Hawaii.

                                    “Being in Love – Therapeutic Pathways through Psychological Obstacles to Love” by Dr Judith Pickering (PhD), Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    Understanding “Complex Trauma” by Sharon Miller – Lifeline, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “Imagery and the Knowing Field with Family Constellations” and Yildiz Sethi. Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “Going into the Great Deep” workshop with Marie Makinson, Jungian Analyst, Brisbane, Queensland.

2008                             “Abundance of Family Constellations Workshop” with Yildiz Sethi. Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “A Wise Woman’s Journey” with Amrita Hobbs, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

2007                             Shamanic Studies with Credo Mutawa, South African Shaman, South Africa.     

2006                             “Training and Platform Skills” with Christopher Howard, Brisbane, Queensland.

2004  - 2006                   Shamanic Studies with Medicine Crow, Former Medical Surgeon and Native American Shaman.   

2002                             “Suicide Intervention Skills Training - Living Works”, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “Linking Curriculum with Behaviour” , a workshop with John Bousted, Coloundra, Queensland.

2001                             “Child Protection” training, Education Queensland, Brisbane.

                                    “Positive Approaches to Solving Severe Behaviour Challenges” 4 day seminar with Gary W La Vigna, PhD, IABA, Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    Triple P Positive Parenting Program Professional Training with Parenting and Family Support Centre School of Psychology and University Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “Growing Skills for Adolescents” wit Kevin Donnolly, Quest Life Skills, Australia Ltd, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    ANSUA Developmental School Program Teacher Training Course, ANSUIA Learning Centre, Brisbane Queensland.

2000                             “A Review of Promising Prevention and Treatment Programs for Childhood and Adolescent Aggression and Antisocial Behaviour: with Scott Henggler (Ph), and Dr Melissa Rowland (MD). Organized by Dr William Bor with Child Youth Mental Health Service, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “Working with Adolescents “with Kathryn and David Gelhard, Brisbane, Queensland.

1999                             “Relationship Counselling Training”, with John Lucas and Australian Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors, Brisbane, Queensland.  

                                    “Recovery in the 21st Century Addiction Workshop” with Tav Sparks, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

                                    Certificate of Sandplay Studies with Mary and Peter Martin, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “Working with Children in Groups”, with Kathryn and David Gelhard, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    Guest Artist I day per week 12 months with PAL – Primary Assistant Learning Program and Education Queensland developing creative educational tools for children at risk – including Story Telling for Social Skills. Work Experience.

1998                             Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Centre – 3 months work experience as trainee counselor, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “Counselling after Sexual Abuse” with Zoe Hagan, Brisbane Queensland.

“Aboriginal women’s Gathering” with Tjanara Goreng Goreng, Brisbane, Queensland.

“Core Profile” with Tjanara Goreng Goreng Brisbane Queensland.

                                    “Self Management Leadership” Optimum Training and Consulting for the Brahma Kumaris World Spirit University, with Tjanara Goreng Goreng, Brisbane, Queensland.

1997                             “Introduction to Kinergetics”, Kinesiology and Energy Workshop with Jan Bann, Brisbane Queensland.

Teacher Aide for youth with special Needs and youth who had faced trauma, for 12 months, St James Practical College, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Queensland.

                                    Reiki 2nd Level, with Anthony Jakeman, Brisbane Qld.

1996                             Reiki 1st Level with Anthony Jakeman, Brisbane, Qld.

                                    Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain Series of Workshops toward understanding brain function and creativity at Relaxation Centre, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    Art Therapy Workshop with Jill Nulty, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Queensland.

1994                             Three months intensive training in installation art, with Lyndal Millani, Arts Queensland, Goondiwindi, Queensland.

                                    Trained as Facilitator in the Rainbows Program with the Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Education.

1990                             “Introduction to Kinesiology” with Keith Treschman, Goondiwindi, Queensland.


2018                             Guest speaker as new Ambassador for P20 Conference, Darling Harbour, Sydney. Parenting 2.0 is an international organization promoting Life Skills as essentail educational practice. Topic: “Listening to the Inner Voice, an Essential Organisational Skill”.

2018                             Guest speaker for The Temple Winter Party, Surry Hills, Sydney: topic: The  Call to Walk a Shamanic Path.

2018                             Guest speaker Womenspace, Sandgate, Brisbane. Topic: Qualifying and Finding Meaning in Senior Years. Seniors Week project.



2014 - Current                Establishing Training for Business Coaches and Health Service Providers in Shamanic Technologies to address stress-related issues that cause presenteeism in the workplace.

2004 – Current                Trained and training more than sixty students in Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training. Currently this takes place individually as the practice requires intense and precise training.

2004 – Current                Presented hundreds of workshops, circles, and presentations for personal and professional development in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Central and Coastal Queensland, Country NSW AND VIC, and in New Zealand.

2013 – Current                On-line Vision Planning for Small Business Operators

2009 – Current                Professional and Personal Development for Committee Being Woman Community Gathering, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

2012/13 - Current            Presenter for Woodford Folk Festival at the Blue Lotus Pavilion for Health and Wellbeing with Shamanic Path and Practice and The Labyrinth

2012                             Rural Project with Growthlink, Farmers Corporate Networking Group taking shamanic workshops for personal and professional development.

2011 and 1213                Visionboard and Vison Planning Project for Chelle Corporation Staff and Clients.

2009 – 2014                   Collaborator, Consultant and Mentor for The Difference™ Community and Film Project, a global community project currently involving 1,000 collaborators, with a target of 6,000 collaborators, toward providing service and making a difference at a local and global level. Global Visioning Leader within this organisation and radio show within The Difference Radio network which has over 500,000 listeners.

2011                             Developed Be Vast Now, a successful motivational visioning formula which is an accumulation of the major principles of my work as a counsellor and consultant for wellbeing in life and industry. 

                                    Guest Presenter For Professional Development for Queensland Counsellors Association on “Timing in Counselling”, and Introduction to Shamanic Studies. Brisbane, Queensland.



Collaborative Projects

18/19.03.23                    Expo Journey ‘New Earth Dreaming~  New Way Walking’ with The VisionKeepers.

2016-2018                      Guest presenter at Radiance Dance Retreats with Michelle Mahrer and Geeti and Gyan.

10.05.16                        Reclaim the Spirit, A journey to illuminate and strengthen your spirit.  With Wynn Te Kani at Zen Space, Samford, Qld.



Prizes in Education:

2001                             Showcase for Excellence Triple G Program – Girls Going Great. In recognition of significant contribution to improving student educational outcomes with Queensland Government and Education Queensland.

2000                             Showcase for Excellence PAL Program – Primary Assistant Learning Program for Children At Risk with Queensland Government and Education Queensland.

Prizes in Art:

1995                             Waggamba Council Art Prize, Goondiwindi;                                           2nd prize Gunya Crafts 25th Anniversary Art Exhibition, Goondiwindi.

1994                             1st Prize Black and White Photography Goondiwindi Pastoral & Agricultural Art Exhibition.                      ;                                               1st Prize Sequence Photograph Goondiwindi P & A.                            2nd  Prize Open and Local Sections Goondiwindi P & A.

1993                             1st Prize Drawing Mungindi  P & A;                                                      1st Prize Drawing Goondiwindi P & A.                                                 2nd  Prize Local Section Goondiwindi P & A.

1992                             Ist and 2nd Prizes Local Section Goondiwindi P & A.

1991                             3rd Prize Works on Paper Moree P & A.                                             3rd Prize  Open Landscape Moree P & A.

1991                             Ist and 2nd Novice Goondiwindi P & A .             



2022                             Presenter ‘Everywoman’ for Women’s Wellbeing Community.

2023                             Presenter “Wellbeing” Inaugural Retreat for Men and Women’s Wellbeing

2008 - Current                 Weekly Meditation Circle for Health and Wellbeing at Ubuntu Integrated Medicine, Stafford Brisbane.

2009 – 19                       Dreaming Workshops and Ceremony Facilitation for Being Woman women’s gathering, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

2008 – 19                       Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops Being Woman, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

2012/13 and 2013/14       Presenter for Woodford Folk Festival at the Blue Lotus Pavilion for Health and Wellbeing with Shamanic Path and Practice.

2015                             Shamanic Earth Walk Meditations for Community at Balls Point Reserve, Waverton, Sydney.

2010 – 2013                     Presenter for Womenspace, Brisbane, Qld.

2009 – 2012                   Festival of the Animals Presenter, Camp Borhoffen, Numinbah Valley, NSW.

2011                             Offered two community workshops BE VAST NOW - for Flood Victims and People Recovering From Trauma, Grief and Loss.

2009 – 2011                   Presentations for Cancer Support Group Stafford.

2010                             Opening ceremonial presenter for 2010 Project to raise funds for container to go to children in Cambodia – Southbank, Melbourne.

2009 – 2010                   15 workshops for Personal and Spiritual Development and Healing Confest Moulemein and Wisemans Ferry NSW.

2003 – 2005                   Monthly Sacred Circle Shamanic Workshops Sandgate, Qld.

2000 – 2002                   5 hours per week voluntary work with Primary Assistant Learning Program, Windsor State School, Brisbane.

2000 – 2002                   Curator Nudgee College Art Exhibition.

2001 – 2002                   Judge Poster and Catalogue Competition Nudgee College.

2000 - Current                Shamanic Walks in Nature, Brisbane.

1998                             Volunteer support worker for young people with disabilities at St. James Practical College.

1995                             Judge, Moree Annual Pastoral and Agriculture Art Exhibition.

                                    Curator Goondiwindi International Women’s Day Exhibition.

                                    Facilitator Workshop and Competition for Children –“The Border River” Exhibition with Aboriginal Artist, Lionel Doyle, with 700 children from Goondiwindi and district – Queensland. A Youth Week Project.

                                    Assistant Curator Annual Art Exhibition Goondiwindi State High.

1994                             Guest Artist with Children’s Holiday Workshop, Goondiwindi.

                                    Judge Children’s Art Exhibition “Care” Community Centre, Goondiwindi.

                                    Member of Jump Up Arts – “An (Un)Broken Existence Installation Art Education Project for Goondiwindi and District funded by Arts Queensland.

1993 – 1995                   Guest artist Goondiwindi State High School.

1988 – 1998                   Reading Assistant and occasional guest artist for St Mary’s Primary School Goondiwindi and All Saint’s Primary School Albany Creek, Brisbane.



1999 - 2000                    Nudgee College Art Show, Brisbane Queensland.

1999                             North West Private Hospital Inaugural Art Exhibition.

1996                             “Cigar Box Lid Exhibition/Charity Auction”, Access Arts, Customs House Gallery, Brisbane,

                                    Stanthorpe Arts Festival, Stanthorpe, Queensland.

1995                             “Response”, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Queensland.

                                    “International Women’s Day”, Goondiwindi Queensland.

                                    “Combust”, International Women’s Day Exhibition Griffith University, Brisbane.

                                    “Stage II”, Toowoomba Regional Gallery, Toowoomba Queensland.

                                    Inaugural Art Exhibition, Blackhall, Queensland.

                                    Gunya Crafts 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Goondiwindi, Queensland.

1991 – 1995                   Annual Art Exhibition with Flying Arts, Toowoomba and Brisbane Queensland.

1994                             “Stage I”, Moree Regional Gallery

                                    “Stage I”, Toowoomba Regional Gallery.

                                    “An (Un)Broken Existence”, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Queensland. An Installation with Jump UP Arts and Lyndall Milani.

                                    “An (Un)Broken Existence”, Goondiwind Showgrounds, Goondiwind Queensland. An Installation with Jump UP Arts and Lyndall Milani.

                                    “Interstice” – an installation with Jump Up Arts and Lyndall Milani, in “Knowing the Snesorium”, a grpup exhibition, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Queensland.

1991 – 1993                   “Festival of The Black Soil Plains” Annual Exhibition at Moree Regional Gallery, Moree, NSW.

1991 – 1993                   Moree and Mungindi Pastoral and Agric

ultural Annual Art Exhibitions.

1991 – 1995                   Goondiwindi Pastoral and Agricultural Annual Art Exhibitions.











With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​

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