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Weekly Guidance With Shamanic Mandala and Daily co-Creation Cards.


Mandala means 'circle' in Sanskrit and are created for many different reasons, including to hold energy. Each week, I will created a mandala to hold the energy this community, drawing on  Daily Co-Creation cards to guide the week. Every Sunday afternoon, at 4.30pm AEST, I hold a Sacred Drum ceremony and teaching circle on Facebook live which is also held by the weekly mandala, usually created on the same day. Everyone is invited to create their own weekly space and energy holding mandala, using crystals or found objects in nature to layout the directions of the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness. Follow these easy steps:


Steps For Mandala Creation 

  1. Gather your crystals or objects to create your mandala. Let your intuition guide you. You will need nine of these for your foundational circe. If yo take an y objects from Nature, search for those on the earth if you can. If you pick anything from plants and trees, make sure you give thanks as you go. I like to greet and ask a blessing to do this from the spirit of the plant or tree.
  2. Find the right place in your home where you can lay out your mandala. Lay out a cloth as a base. 
  3. Create a circle of Intention by marking out the four Cardinal Directions, East, North, West, South. Each direction will have an association. Choose and object to represent each of these directions. For now, you can use the directions I teach to guide you, however you may develop or be taught other directions.  In Australia, the sun moves from East to North, to West, to South, In the Southern Hemisphere, it moves from East, to South, to West to North. It is best to layout your mandala Sun-wise, according to where you live as this is the way energy moves. The aspect of each cardinal direction is explained in the next step.
  4. East is Spirit, the place where you are reminded of your identity, values and purpose. North represents your Body and world of Physical Health and Wealth and world comforts. West holds space for your Heart and loving connections. South guides your Mind, communication and focus. 
  5. The Centre is your intention for creating the mandala. All other directions support this intention. Choose an object to represent your intention for today, or for the week.
  6. Place other objects around the centre creating a circle as you join the four directions. You can call in what you need to support your quest and/or each direction (supporting your spirit, body, heart and mind) with each object that you lay down.
  7. It is always a good idea to bring gratitude into your mandalas. I like to surround the mandala with a circle of gratitude for what I have supporting me. This can take time. You can integrate gratitude as you lay out each direction. Keep it simple or make it as complex as you like. 
  8. If you have cards for guidance, you can shuffle them and ask for a card for each direction to guide you as to what you can do today to walk more consciously and to support your intention.  I do this every day, using the mandala to hold this energy. I change my mandalas each week to clear and refresh the space in my home.
  9. Stand back and look at you mandala and absorb its energy in to your own field with your breath and intention. Connect with the central intention that you have named and say a co-creation mantra of invitation: I invite in (name your intention) today, may it find it way to me now with ease and grace, let it be so, and so it is, thank you. 
  10. Visit your mandala often to remind you of your intention, and to recharge your energy field. 

This Week's Shamanic Mandala Guidance 



The World Above:

We are preparing to enjoy a Full Moon in Aquarius, governed and guided by the planet Uranus,  which will occur on Saturday (just after midnight Friday) July 24 in the southern hemisphere 12:36pm AEST, and Friday, July 23rd at 10.37 pm US Eastern time and Saturday 24 at 02:37am at Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

According with some traditions (reference below), with this full moon comes the animal spirit energies of the Buck in the Northern Moon and Wolf in the Southern Moon (same moon but contrasting names come with contrasting seasons). At the same time, with the Sun in the zodiac sign of Leo, we have the Lion entering our consciousness. Buck brings us Deer energy, the medicine of love and gentle, graceful strength, Wolf the medicine of presence and clear communication, and Lion brings courage and self and community leadership. Add to that the Aquarian symbol of the Water Carrier, which is in fact supported by the element of air, the carrier of life-giving, spiritual energies in water that washes away past influences, allowing a fresh start.

These combined medicines are really powerful at this time and our animal spirit guides walk beside us to strengthen us with their love and power.

There is a great deal of light being shone down upon us from the World Above, with the Sun and Moon working together to assist us to be in how we manage these times. Remember that you have light, strength, guidance and love shining down upon you from the World Above,  and to ask for help from your ancestors and guides.

Let’s take a look at the mandala cards to see if they can assist us to walk more steadily in the light.

(More on seasons and moon names can be found here Atul Sinha


The Mandala:

A rose quartz sphere is in the centre represents the Full Moon, with a small citrine sphere representing Father Sun guiding us from the World Above. Surrounding the centre stone we have four green sparkling fuschite chunks on a bed of white quartz, surrounded by a circle of clear and rose quartz and marble crystals. , The next circle is of crystal laser pointers sitting on another circle of rose quartz tiny crystals.

Rose quartz as we know brings love and healing, and this is what gives us the strength to navigate life when it challenges us. For this moon in Aquarius I really feel the combined energies of love, grace and strength of the wise Grandmothers in the moon. This energy is further reflected by the outer circle of rose quartz chips which represent the Grandfathers holding and guiding us.

The green fuschite crystals are guardians of the fours cardinal directions representing our guardians in the East and Spirit, North and Body, West and Heart, and South and Mind. We do well to turn to each of these directions each day and ask for what we need to strengthen and shine in each of these areas. These beautiful stones also reflect our connection to the Spirit and magical gifts of Mother Earth in the Worlds Below and Without. Nature is filled with healing energies, and it is wise to spend as much time as possible in Nature to recharge and ground yourself.

The white quartz chips reflect the energies gifted upon us from this very spiritual moon in Aquarius. Blessings of freedom, curiosity, innovation, awareness of equality, respect for difference, and fairness come with this full moon, as well as a quest for truth (Wolf medicine helps with this).

The clear quartz smaller crystals and wands assist to amplify the messages of the Mandala and direct these out to us as we gaze upon it, calling us to shine our innate gifts and difference out to the world. Around the last border circle we find pink rose quartz chips representing the Grandfathers in the Sky holding and guiding us strongly in love at this time.


The Cards:

Centre: Responsibility

Action: Clarity

Gift: Wisdom


East Spirit: Fulfillment

North Body: Wellness

West Heart: Gratitude

South Mind: Consistency


Bringing it Together:

We are reminded in this full moon that we each have a Responsibility to be a conscious part of the collective change happening for humanity and the planet at this time. Being Clear in our mission here on earth is part of that responsibility. The gift from the Great Spirit when we do step up into our individual roles is Wisdom. When we make up our mind to listen to the Wise Beings guiding us, connecting with the highest of vibrations in doing so, the whispers and signs will come and become clearer as we make this a part of our daily practice. As we grow in our maturity and wisdom as individually conscious beings, we are truly contributing to the greater good. When we walk in this way we are Fulfilled beyond belief as our spirit body feeds our physical body and assist Wellness and wellbeing.  An attitude of Gratitude will also always fill our energy tank, as we Consistently keep a mind that reflects on the cup of fullness rather than the one that is empty. Remember to keep your thoughts conscious and optimistic and to ask the question: “Is this thought/word/vison/action expanding or expending energy?”

This moon influences ‘radical’ change, and we have the opportunity to call in the strength and wisdom to carry out our individual and collective quests that our soul has programmed for this time.

We are encouraged to let go of any fixed beliefs, to be open to new concepts and ideas, and to embrace the light of the Sun and power of Leo to fuel our energies so we can lead the way to co-create a New Earth.

Sound like a lot of work? The placement of significant planets Jupiter and Venus, which tend to expand and emotionally inspire, in their placement to the Sun and Moon respectfully, may nudge us to over indulge and take on more than we can hold. Be sure to not overdo things, to take plenty of time to rest and to restore in Nature. Do your best not to dive deeply into arguments or allow yourself to be impatient and easily irritated. Do your best to find a way to create balance and display  tolerance. Call in Wolf to help with this, staying present in time as the wise Witness and detached Observer, not constantly revisiting the past, nor beckoning the future to come quickly, not allowing your Inner Child to be disappointed or have expectations beyond the reach of loved ones. Another key is to remember we are all going through this time together. Reach for empathy and if that doesn’t work, try loving detachment. They are slightly different, the first with you searching for ways to express and authentically feel compassion, the second not being pulled into a the circle of deep emotion at all, remaining the Witness, but always from a place of unconditional love and understanding.  

Let it be so

And so it is

Show me the way



That is about it for this week. Thank you for joining me here.

Love and Blessings

Heather xxx 



Every reading is based on the wisdom held within the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness as the cards are placed within this weeks Shamanic Mandala. You will be sent a transcript and photo of your Reading by email as soon as it is available. Currently you can expect to receive your reading within 3 - 4  business days of your order. 

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"I felt her guidance was straight from the necessary source and very clear and clean, so I felt she was genuinely helpful.  Her reading was so spot on and exactly where I am in this present moment in my life. I received essential answers from the three sets of cards for what I need to focus on and clear guidance to do each day to support the journey of where I want to be. Heather was also positively helpful to reconnect with my strengths and potential that can be supported to grow further. My heart was filled with hope and motivation after her reading. Thank you so much Heather.

Yoko Hyashi. "


"Today I felt very blessed to have a beautiful healing journey (shamanic guidance with mandala, medicine cards) with lovely Heather Price.  I have been following her on social media for some time...I feel much more on purpose, my clarity has returned and I am feel ready to move towards my Dreams.

Leanne Butler-Landers".

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