Weekly Shamanic  Guidance



Weekly Guidance With Shamanic Mandala and Daily co-Creation Cards.


Mandala means 'circle' in Sanskrit and are created for many different reasons, including to hold energy. Each week, I will created a mandala to hold the energy this community, drawing on  Daily Co-Creation cards to guide the week. Every Sunday afternoon, at 4.30pm AEST, I hold a Sacred Drum ceremony and teaching circle on Facebook live which is also held by the weekly mandala, usually created on the same day. Everyone is invited to create their own weekly space and energy holding mandala, using crystals or found objects in nature to layout the directions of the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness. Follow these easy steps:


Steps For Mandala Creation 

  1. Gather your crystals or objects to create your mandala. Let your intuition guide you. You will need nine of these for your foundational circe. If yo take an y objects from Nature, search for those on the earth if you can. If you pick anything from plants and trees, make sure you give thanks as you go. I like to greet and ask a blessing to do this from the spirit of the plant or tree.
  2. Find the right place in your home where you can lay out your mandala. Lay out a cloth as a base. 
  3. Create a circle of Intention by marking out the four Cardinal Directions, East, North, West, South. Each direction will have an association. Choose and object to represent each of these directions. For now, you can use the directions I teach to guide you, however you may develop or be taught other directions.  In Australia, the sun moves from East to North, to West, to South, In the Southern Hemisphere, it moves from East, to South, to West to North. It is best to layout your mandala Sun-wise, according to where you live as this is the way energy moves. The aspect of each cardinal direction is explained in the next step.
  4. East is Spirit, the place where you are reminded of your identity, values and purpose. North represents your Body and world of Physical Health and Wealth and world comforts. West holds space for your Heart and loving connections. South guides your Mind, communication and focus. 
  5. The Centre is your intention for creating the mandala. All other directions support this intention. Choose an object to represent your intention for today, or for the week.
  6. Place other objects around the centre creating a circle as you join the four directions. You can call in what you need to support your quest and/or each direction (supporting your spirit, body, heart and mind) with each object that you lay down.
  7. It is always a good idea to bring gratitude into your mandalas. I like to surround the mandala with a circle of gratitude for what I have supporting me. This can take time. You can integrate gratitude as you lay out each direction. Keep it simple or make it as complex as you like. 
  8. If you have cards for guidance, you can shuffle them and ask for a card for each direction to guide you as to what you can do today to walk more consciously and to support your intention.  I do this every day, using the mandala to hold this energy. I change my mandalas each week to clear and refresh the space in my home.
  9. Stand back and look at you mandala and absorb its energy in to your own field with your breath and intention. Connect with the central intention that you have named and say a co-creation mantra of invitation: I invite in (name your intention) today, may it find it way to me now with ease and grace, let it be so, and so it is, thank you. 
  10. Visit your mandala often to remind you of your intention, and to recharge your energy field. 

This Week's Shamanic Mandala Guidance 


This week's Mandala is created around the energies supporting us at this time, both here on Earth, and in the Cosmic Realms. It is designed to absorb these energies into its centre, and radiate them back out to you. As Above so Below. As Within, so Without.


New Moon, New Beginnings, New Ways.

We are reminded at this time, moving into a New Moon, that we are completing one moon cycle, and moving into another. The Sun and Moon both reside in Taurus, supported by the element of Earth, and guided by the planet Venus. When I think of Venus, I am always immediately surrounded by the colours gold and pink, and I imagine a huge shell with the Goddess Venus standing in its centre, in all her feminine abundance, grace and beauty. This is a time when we too are supported into beauty, bounty and love within all realms of Whole Self, Spirit, Body, Heart and Mind.

The message from the Mandala at this time is to prepare for beautiful gifts from the Universe that will support you to do things differently, as in the past weeks, and will also be offering New Dreaming, perhaps even surprising us with new ways to do things, as there is a strong influence from Uranus, placed in the zodiac sign of Taurus, in the planetary alignment.

The Number 11 is also standing out with Uranus, Mars and Chiron all being placed at 11 degrees at the time of the New Moon. When I think of the number 11 – I think of two beginnings or forces of equal strength standing side by side. They also remind me of antennas. We are reminded to tune in and step into our own power of intuition alongside of the force of the Universe, as a partner – a Co-Creator. This demands self-responsibility and self-leadership. Let’s look at the Daily Co-Creation cards now to help understand this a little more.


The Cards Within the Mandala

The Central focus has two cards this week – Responsibility and Connection.

To the East lies Leadership.

Facing North we find Bounty.

The West beckons us to walk Unencumbered.

South reminds us to be Calm in all matters.

The dominant message from the cards is for each of us to take responsibility as a Co-Creator at this time by being sharp, watching for signs and courageous in being willing to follow them. This is a time when we are called to lead the way to show others what is possible when you walk unencumbered by fear and doubt, and when you stay present and calm amongst storms that arrive at unexpected times. Moving forward, following the path that will organically open up for us, we soon find our world is bountiful and beautiful in many ways. Remember to connect energetically with High Beings watching over from the Cosmic realms – some we may not even be aware are there for us, helping to clear the path that we step out onto.


The Crystals

The crystals that called out this week are much the same as last week, with a few additions.

The World Within: The central piece is of a shell containing 11 treasures, Amethyst and Citrine stones, gifted to all of us at this time: Beauty; Bounty; Unconditional Love; Compassion; Groundedness; Personal Power; Strong Intuition and Clear Insight; Wisdom; Flexibility; Self-leadership; and Authenticity.

Dragon watches over these gifts.

The World Without: Fuschite and Amazonite, and Red Jasper represent Mother Nature in all her Beauty. We are asked to see these as ‘treasures’ and to commit to taking care of the earth every day, in every way possible. As we care for the Earth, we realise that we are also caring for each other and for ourselves, and for future generation.

The World Below: The gold calcite crystals reflect the richness of all that lies hidden in the earth, and hidden in our core – yet to be discovered. We have the opportunity at this time to discover new ways of creating and harnessing abundance.

The World Above: This world is represented by White Quartz , Clear Quartz, and Amethyst, representing our Ancestors, Healers and Guides who are constantly holding and supporting us.



Be brave during this week, prepared to follow pathways that open up. Be prepared to be surprised, and delighted, at what shows up as a result. This is also a time for trusting that the Universe will show you the way when you are clear in what you are asking for. Stay calm, centred and relaxed. All is divine and perfect.

You can find more about The Daily Co-Creation Cards by following the tab below.


Daily Co-Creation Cards Information



With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
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