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Guidance with a Shamanic Mandala

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This Month's  Shamanic Mandala Guidance  

Full Moon in Aries 29.09.23 and 6 Degrees in Virgo 

Greetings, and happy Full Moon everyone. 
This month’s full moon is 6 degrees on Aires, opposite the Sun at 6 degrees in Libra.
The number six bring loving connections, healing and an appreciation of your home comforts. Aires is ruled by Mars, bringing the strength to stand up for your values and rights, to strongly quest your dreaming.  The influence of Libra will help to balance out these contrasting energies of a gentle inward focus with powerful, outwardly-focused energies.
All numbers influencing this Full Moon, when added together, bring you to the numbers 27/9. Nine is a time for completion, wholeness and fullness. The number 2 brings spiritual growth and union and harmonious relationship the friends, lovers and with the Divine. Be aware at all times that there is a Divine Plan, and all things that happen to you are leading you to greater awareness of what this is. The number 7 will deepen your understanding, faith and connection with the Great Mystery, strengthening your creativity and intuition.
Enjoy this full moon, guided by my Daily Co-Creation Cards, this time with a four card reading:
Your Quest under this Full Moon: Union
Your Action to support your Quest: Beauty
The Gift when you take this Action: Healing
The Key to it all: Potential
Overall Message:
This full moon offers the opportunity to find balance between creating love and experiencing power. It is a time to find balance in the feminine and masculine energies within you. To make empowering decisions that can be life-changing and assist you to reach your potential.
When you consciously, with awareness of the cosmic influences and the 8 worlds of consciousness that influence all your decision, quest to be in Union with your Soul’s choices and the Divine Plan, rather than resisting your call to the sacred and service, you will instantly find yourself aware of the Beauty in your life, particularly in Nature and your True Nature.  When you actively acknowledge and appreciate the Beauty you are surrounded by, or even when you set out to create Beauty in your surroundings - when you choose to look for and co-create Beauty, you will find it so much easier to highlight and Heal any imbalances in your life.  
Healing goes hand in hand with acknowledgement and gratitude. The key is to strive to meet your Potential as both a human and spiritual being, and to invite and allow the Universe and the Great Spirit to partner you on your Quests. You are never alone on this journey, even though it may seem like you are at times. Invite and Allow this Full Moon to illuminate your path of love and light.
Love and Full Moon Blessings on your day wherever you are in the world.
Remember –  You are Loved, and Remember also to Live Well and Love You. I am here in service and do my best to guide you when you reach out.
Let all blessings called upon under this moon be so, for the highest good of all
And so it is
Show us the way, and may the way be shown to us,
Love and Eagle blessings 
Heather 🦁🌞💛⭐️🤗💞🌸💕💗🙏
More about our Daily Co-Creation Cards here:




You can find The 8 Ways EBook in The Store and the Link to a summary of The 8 Ways HERE 


Visionboards for Mastering Co-Creation under New and Full Moons.

This is a great time for creating a visionboard – either close to the new or full moon. I am offering personal mentoring online to assist you to create your own visionboard, or you can join others in an upcoming VisionBoard for Mastering Co-Creation workshop in February. Please be sure to subscribe to my newsletters for any upcoming news on when and how I am offering a powerful mentoring sessions and workshop to assist you in becoming a Master of Co-Creation.


The Visionboard creation process that I teach has a five step process over four and half hours to:

  1. Evaluate and strengthen your values and visions and define your major quests for 2023 or this time  with an assessment exercise. 

  2. Learn about the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness to guide your way to create and understand the board and map your dreaming. 

  3. Create your board - so much fun.

  4. Define your goals.

  5. Commit to action - with a witness and buddy!

PS If you are reading this, you are most likely a Luminary or Lightweaver. We are all called to illuminate what is good not only for us as individuals but as a whole, to shine a light on what is true and what unites us in love. 

Guidelines for managing life's challenges:

  • Smile at the challenges life presents, and focus on what is good about anyone who may oppose you, being Grateful for their gifts and strengths, rather than being drawn into their anger and projections.
  • Be Aware and trust that there is a Big Picture at work, and magical pathways will open for you –  be alert and look out for signs to show you the way.
  • Keep it Simple and graceful, in flow, with the following mantras, slogans and affirmation at hand to assist if you feel drawn to them, or develop your own:
  •  Let Go and Let God (Goddess/Spirit/Source/Creator).
  • Hurt people hurt people – come from your compassionate heart and do your best to let it go.
  • Easy does it, one step at a time.
  • What other people think is none of your business.
  • Get it done! Do it now!
  • Be impeccable with your thoughts – you are a powerful Co-Creator.
  • Don’t assume, nor be in fear. Check in, check it out.
  • As Above so Below – keep in flow with Cosmic and Earth Cycles.
  • Look for the best rather than the worse in others.
  • Go with the flow.
  • Know your prayers have been heard – allow the Divine timing to happen. All in Divine Time.
  • What would Love do right now?
  • Be authentic – don’t dim your light so others can shine. You are the Light and Way.
  • Look out for signs to show you the way.
  • The Universe has my back.
  • I am not alone on this journey.
  • There are many paths I can take.
  • I am guided by the infinite wisdom of the Universe.

Gratitude always for the Ancestral and Spiritual Guidance behind these offerings, and general  References are often, but not always from:

  1. Roland Legrand Astrology

  1. Tania Gabrielle Wealth Astro-Numerologist:

  2. World Numerology: 

  3. Chirone Shakti Stargazer Astrology

  4. Tameera highly recommended - Astrology Numerology Personal Readings:



Every reading is based on the wisdom held within the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness as the cards are placed within this weeks Shamanic Mandala. You will be sent a transcript and photo of your Reading by email as soon as it is available. Currently you can expect to receive your reading within 3 - 4  business days of your order. 

Intuitive Reading In Person or Online:

Heather reads from The Nourishing Nest on Thursday, or you can book a zoom reading with her. Send a message in the form below to enquire. 


What Happy Customisers Say:

"I felt her guidance was straight from the necessary source and very clear and clean, so I felt she was genuinely helpful.  Her reading was so spot on and exactly where I am in this present moment in my life. I received essential answers from the three sets of cards for what I need to focus on and clear guidance to do each day to support the journey of where I want to be. Heather was also positively helpful to reconnect with my strengths and potential that can be supported to grow further. My heart was filled with hope and motivation after her reading. Thank you so much Heather.

Yoko Hyashi. "


"Today I felt very blessed to have a beautiful healing journey (shamanic guidance with mandala, medicine cards) with lovely Heather Price.  I have been following her on social media for some time...I feel much more on purpose, my clarity has returned and I am feel ready to move towards my Dreams.

Leanne Butler-Landers".

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FYI: Mandala means 'circle' in Sanskrit and are created for many different reasons, including to hold energy. Each new and full moon, I will created a mandala to hold the energy this community, drawing on  Daily Co-Creation cards to guide the week.

Everyone is invited to create their own weekly space and energy holding mandala, using crystals or found objects in nature to layout the directions of the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness. Follow these easy steps:




Your Personalised Shamanic Mandala Reading for all Directions, a two hour process.



  • Cosmic Guidance 
  • Shamanic Mandala Guidance
  • Crystal Wisdom
  • Daily Co-Creation Card Reading
  • Medicine Woman Card Reading

Step to Create Your Own Mandala 


  1. Gather your crystals or objects to create your mandala. Let your intuition guide you. You will need nine of these for your foundational circe. If you take any objects from Nature, search for those on the earth if you can. If you pick anything from plants and trees, make sure you give thanks as you go. I like to greet and ask a blessing to do this from the spirit of the plant or tree.
  2. Find the right place in your home where you can lay out your mandala. Lay out a cloth as a base. 
  3. Create a circle of Intention by marking out the four Cardinal Directions, East, North, West, South. Each direction will have an association. Choose and object to represent each of these directions. For now, you can use the directions I teach to guide you, however you may develop or be taught other directions.  In Australia, the sun moves from East to North, to West, to South, In the Southern Hemisphere, it moves from East, to South, to West to North. It is best to layout your mandala Sun-wise, according to where you live as this is the way energy moves. The aspect of each cardinal direction is explained in the next step.
  4. East is Spirit, the place where you are reminded of your identity, values and purpose. North represents your Body and world of Physical Health and Wealth and world comforts. West holds space for your Heart and loving connections. South guides your Mind, communication and focus. 
  5. The Centre is your intention for creating the mandala. All other directions support this intention. Choose an object to represent your intention for today, or for the week.
  6. Place other objects around the centre creating a circle as you join the four directions. You can call in what you need to support your quest and/or each direction (supporting your spirit, body, heart and mind) with each object that you lay down.
  7. It is always a good idea to bring gratitude into your mandalas. I like to surround the mandala with a circle of gratitude for what I have supporting me. This can take time. You can integrate gratitude as you lay out each direction. Keep it simple or make it as complex as you like. 
  8. If you have cards for guidance, you can shuffle them and ask for a card for each direction to guide you as to what you can do today to walk more consciously and to support your intention.  I do this every day, using the mandala to hold this energy. I change my mandalas each two weeks to clear and refresh the space in my home.
  9. Stand back and look at you mandala and absorb its energy in to your own field with your breath and intention. Connect with the central intention that you have named and say a co-creation mantra of invitation: I invite in (name your intention) today, may it find it way to me now with ease and grace, let it be so, and so it is, thank you. 
  10. Visit your mandala often to remind you of your intention, and to recharge your energy field. 



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