A Shamanic Greeting

Shamanic Guidelines For Walking In Your True-Heart Nature




A Shamanic Greeting


A Daily Practice to Guide and Strengthen You on Your Journey.

The 8 Worlds


The World of the East and Spirit

A place of INNER KNOWING: Confidence, Celebration, Connection with spirit of nature and all things, and the collective unconscious. Natural Gifts. Values. Self-identity, Self-worth, Self-care. Your creative intelligence and spiritual wellbeing. That which lifts your spirit, boosts confidence and gives meaning. Live to Work for greater good, humanity and planet. Travel to share wisdom and for spiritual expansion. Sex includes connection and union with the Divine, enlightenment and light expansion, to connect to higher realms of consciousness.


The World Above:

Like the Inner World, this world is a place where we look to most days, however it is also much more meaningful than it first appears. This is the world of cosmic forces, the place where the planets roam and the stars shine. In this world, we imagine our ancestors watching over us, and angelic beings. You can turn to Father Sun to shine his light upon you here. The ancestors in the stars, Grandmother Moon, and Grandfather Sky are here. This is the place of the Universal Soul, where all becomes one.

A shamanic practitioner may use a drum to reach and explore the cosmos, perhaps first using a creative pathway out to the World Above. Remember that you need to have a starting point that you can return back to when venturing so far away. Imagine you always have a chord back to this place, for you to return to the physical World Without, or to the Inner World to do your business there.


The World of The North and Body

 A place for DOING: Your Capacity to tangibly Contribute and Create What brings you physical Comfort and wellbeing. Financial security. Food. Shelter. Primary needs. Environment. Job/Career - Work to live/provide. Property for investment. Growth. Travel for business. Sex for physical pleasure, and drive.


The World Without:

This world is as exactly what it says it is. It is all that is around you that you can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. This is the world of animals, plants and other parts of nature. The world of your loved ones, friends, community, workplace, and the bigger world that you are in touch with through technology and in newspapers and magazines. This is a place where you will find plants and stones, mountains, deserts, forests, and all that is part of nature; the creatures of the earth, sky and sea. Remembering also that spirits and ancestors may also wonder this world, and may attach themselves to trees and stones. You can see these etched or carved in different place when you take good care to look. Some people may also see or sense fairy folk, divas, guides and angelic beings in this world, as they can walk in many worlds.

You will also find spirits dwelling in this world. And unseen beings like faeries and woodland creatures - who rely on Mother Nature as their bridge between worlds. Spirts of Country who are destined to care-take the song-lines and sacred sites dwell in this world. 


The World of The West and Heart

A place for LOVING: West:  Connection, Contentment, Compassion. Your Emotional Wellbeing. That which creates loving connections and a sense of belonging. Gratitude. Home environment.

Union with Partner. Family, Friends. Community. Tribe. Love your work. Work to connect. Travel to spend time with others, to share and connect. Sex supports Intimacy and pro-creation.


The World Below:

While animal spirits and guides can travel between worlds, just like you, you may also find them good company when you visit the World Below as it is a darker place under the earth. In this place you find the physical presence of crystals, earth, water, salt, minerals, lava and so on.  However, each of these inhabitants also have a spirit body. We tend to work with the spirit of what we find in the World Below for healing and expansion of consciousness. You may connect with animal spirits who live under the earth. You may send energy to be transformed to this place – into crystal beds, or the Earth’s heart, or womb. Or, you may travel to this world to retrieve lost parts of your soul that are ready to come back to the light. Often these lost parts are the light parts of you, and they are really happy to reconnect.


The World of the South and Mind

The place of INVITING: Consciousness, Clean and Clear Communication. Listening, watching and discerning. Awareness of power of thoughts. Expanding your Mindset. Positivity. Mental Wellbeing. That which assists your Mind to be clear, calm and focused. Goal Setting and Planning. Education and learning. New Decisions. Work to learn, expand and contribute knowledge. Travel to study or learn, and to expand consciousness. Sex assists stress and tension relief.


The World Within:

This is a world you will be very familiar with as we all have introspection happening in a natural way as we think quietly to ourselves and use our imagination to look at things in our own unique way. The shamanic approach to the inner worlds goes a lot deeper than reflecting, thinking and imagining however. The inner World is accessed through a veil of creative consciousness. You are taken through this veil into a world where you can create anything you like with your imagination. It is a world also where you can meet your guides, animals spirit guides, and teachers. You can bring anyone or anything into this world to assist you to find out more about what is going on in your life. You can create a natural environment to do your ‘inner work’ and soul business here. You can clear and clean your energy field, sit on top of your sacred business mountain, search out a landscape to heal in, go for a journey with the drum to discover something, or retrieve a part of your soul that has been lost. There are no limits as to what you can create and do in the World Within.

This direction is about the internal landscape of your psyche, and all that happens in there. This is the place you go to access guidance, and to find the archetypal parts of you, such as the Inner Child, of Wise Woman/Man Within. You may travel to an inner garden here as a place of reflection, planning, meditation, healing, and exploration. This is also a sensory world of intuition and feeling.


The Central World

This is not seen as a separate world, rather it is a place of unity and wholeness, is where all directions and worlds come together. As Co-Creators we learn that we can choose a singular focus and place it in centre, drawing energy and light from all directions to amplify its vibrations.






I've been using the Shamanic Greeting as a daily practice in the morning before I have breakfast.

Previously I'd only acknowledged the four directions (and had done that for some years) so find the transition really simple.

It's a beautiful way to honour the day...sometimes a word will come to me as the focus and I'll use it in context of the direction, and will allow words and images to come in that speak to the focus word. πŸ’•



 “I'm only using four directions at present because I am not strong enough in my practice and the eight are too much for me to remember. 

I remember how potent your eight directions were on that day around the sacred fire in ceremony. Deeply potent. The depth of feeling in each of the eight directions was very real, and very true to the container and context you gave us for them. 

I do remember how powerful they were. Great when you were directing us through them so I could just let go and feel them as you guided and called them without having to remember them.
So much goodness in your teachings and practices, thank you. “
Melanie, Energy Medicine Deepening Practitioner Training Trainee



"I totally get the single word invitation and focus Gai. And how images come to mind when we do this. My daily word is typically ‘strength’. 
I call in strength for my Spirit - to keep me strong in spirit and purpose and in my power in the East. 
Drawing on the Strength of my Ancestors from the World Above. 
From Mother Nature for my Health and body in the North- and World Around me. 
Strength to keep my Heart resilient and to be ably to love fiercely at this time!
Strength for my Inner Child in the World Below to move past suffering and retrieve joy and playfulness. 
Strength of Mind to be focused and disciplined in my thoughts and where I put my energy in the South and mind. 
Strength in my World Within to keep my dreaming and faith in our New Earth strong  and potent. " 
Thanks Melanie. Great point and taken. Yes, I found eight directions or worlds too many to remember all at once too. I learned the four directions, East, North, West and South first, then came back to the Worlds and slowly integrated them. 
Love and Blessings
Heather Price


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With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
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