Professional Development


"Energy Medicine  Deepening"


One and Two


These trainings are held on Jinibara/Gubbi Gubbi Country at Witta Community Hall, 

in the district of Maleny, South East Qld, inland from Sunshine Coast.


Activating the Depths of Your Soul's Alchemy.


An inward journey with Heather Price and Stephy Lister

to enrich your existing healing and wellbeing and/or ceremonial personal or professional practice.

We are creating space for you to listen to your soul's whispers and wisdom,

giving you the tools to walk this path confidently and consciously

as an Alchemic Energy Medicine Walker or Practitioner,

a Master of Transformation and Co-creation.


Training in Course One  

This has been completed.

We will announce the next available EMD One Training in the neart future.




We, Stephy Lister and Heather Price, are delighted to offer a weekend of training for practitioners or trainees invested in awakening the vibrational medicine of the Inner Worlds to enhance your existing, or intended, holistic healing and wellbeing, and ceremonial, practice.

We share our experience and teachings to support those of you who are ready to enlist inner guidance and transformative energies from energy-medicine men and women, ancestors, guides and teachers in co-existing realms into your professional practice. To unlock and deepen your connection with the wisdom of the 'wyse' ways of alchemic forces, seen and unseen, through the magic and mystery of Universal Energy and Natural Elements waiting to be fully and more deeply embraced. 

The importance for us gathering together at the moment is pivotal.  As we sit in circle, we create a portal on the Earth to unlock the wisdom of our soul, each person holds the keys to help this opening in their own unique way.  

We allow space for us to hold each other in our awakenings, to witness and be inspired. To hold each others hands as we rise, to allow the remembering of why we are here, on this planet at this potent time ~ to unfurl in the depths of our cells.   

Let’s let the Earth and each others hearts hold us in deepening into the wisdom and energy Medicine that we hold with in our bodies. 

We are so excited about the possibilities of the Wylde Awakening and Deepening that this week end will hold.  

Can you hear the Whisperings of your inner world calling you on this amazing journey to step deeper into who you truly are?

Those of you who operate your coaching or counselling, or energy healing, practices online these days will benefit from this training as you learn Energy Medicine knows no boundaries and supports technological processes very well.

This is evident from a delighted graduates from our previous trainings whose testimonials can be found below: 



Stephy and Heather have been practicing and teaching energy healing and creating ceremony for community for many years.

Their offerings compliment each other and are grounded in a shared love for the Sacred Way and for Mother Earth, and tremendous respect for ancient traditional teachings. 

They have combined their offerings with other ceremony women on numerous occasions, and together they create a beautiful synergetic flow.



Course One in Energy Medicine Dreaming 

This is a weekend of professional development for practitioners or trainees invested in awakening a deeper and more magical consciousness when holding space for transformational healing and sacred practices.

You will be introduced to and educated in a number or core principles of a well navigated map known as the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness and taken on a journey to experience multi-dimensional worlds and consciousness, working with and guided and support by four major elements found in Nature and guided on Sacred Sound Journeys in deep and meaningful ways. 



The quest for knowledge and skills gained. 

During this workshop it is anticipated that you will: 

  • Be introduced to a Sacred Circle Map of Inter-dimensional Consciousness to guide your practice and all aspects of walking consciously. 

  • Use this diverse Map to create a Sacred Mandala to support you on your journey in a myriad of Ways, personally and professionally. 

  • Be educated in the steps and tools to set up healing station for Energy Medicine Vibrational Healing. 

  • Gain confidence and skills in Measuring energy levels, and defining where to direct your Healing Focus by using ONE significant skill when using a pendulum and a map of consciousness and Energy Medicine Deepening processes and principles to guide you.

  • Develop your understanding of the healing and transformative power of the magical Elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Wind/Air and Ether. You will establish a deeper understanding of and connection with the energy and alchemy of these elements, knowing how and when to integrate them into your healing practice in a number of ways.

  • Gain confidence in your capacity to Whisper with, and even embody,  your inner spirit guides and teachers. This will specifically include a Medicine Woman or Medicine Man Healer, a Grandmother Healer, and one or more Animal Spirit guides. There may be others who appear on the day. 

  • Develop and expand skills in Creating Sacred Space and Holding Ceremony. Experience and learn foundational skills in Shamanic Journeying practices.

  • Experience and offer Energy Medicine Healings and Transformation within a beautiful setting in Nature, and within the group building loving connections with fellow practitioners of like-heart and mind. 

  • Learn how to gently and safely, and assertively when necessary, move invasive, lost spirit energies to where they belong - home with their Ancestors. 

  •  Join an online community of EMD healing practitioners, and share the journey.

  • And all else that is brought forward spontaneously, guided by Spirit and the Sacred.



Course Two in Energy Medicine Dreaming 

2024 - Date to be advised.

This is a Friday plus weekend of professional development for practitioners or trainees seeking to expand their knowledge of creative tools that support them in awakening a deeper and more magical consciousness and ensuring transformational healing during sacred practices.

You will it is anticipated that you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge of the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness as a powerful tool to assist you to navigate your way as a vibrational healing and energy medicine practitioner. This map will expand upon what is taught in Level One. If you haven't trained in Level One, you will be given pre-training material to read through and learn from.

  • Gain ADVANCED skills and greater confidence in using a pendulum to guide your assessment and measurement practices. If you haven't trained in pendulum use in level one, you will be given pre-training activities to practice prior to attendance.

  • Expand and deepen your knowledge of Sound Healing, guided by the Sacred Drum and Crystal Bowls as powerful and empowering cleansing, clearing and healing shamanic tools. You will learn how to use your instruments and voice to support the body to raise its vibration at physical and etheric levels. 

  • Learn about the healing medicines of Crystals and how to care for them, understand their medicine, communicate with them and connect deeply with their etheric wisdom as profound healing tools and energy medicine guides. 

  • Spend time in Nature to deepen your connection to Country, and your understanding of the natural elements that support you. You will be shown ways to expand your intuitive relationship with Nature Spirit-guides and teachers and their wisdom in multiple dimensions of consciousness. You will be shown how to create stone mandalas for sacred ceremony, intention setting, blessings and prayers.

  • Experience and offer Energy Medicine Healings within the group and build loving connections with fellow practitioners of like-heart and mind.

  • Join an online community of EMD healing practitioners, and share the journey.

  • And all else that is brought forward spontaneously, guided by Spirit and the Sacred.



"Oh my, I am a new woman. Thankyou. I feel so alive and empowered and at peace with myself. I am home again" (K. Trainee EMD 2021) 

"I use everything we covered (at the workshop) daily as I am building toward re-discovering my life path (M, Trainee EMD 2021)."

"I totally get the single word invitation and focus ( when greeting the day and inviting in what is needed ). And how images come to mind when we do this.  My daily word is typically 'strength'. I call in strength for my spirit and purpose and in my power in the East.

Drawing the strength of my Ancestors from the World Above. 

From Mother Nature for my Health and Body in the North - and World Around me. 

Strength to keep my heart resilient and to be able to love fiercely at this time!

Strength for my Inner child in the World Below to move past suffering and retrieve joy and playfulness. 

Strength of Mind to be focused and disciplined in my thoughts and where I put my energy in the South. 

Strength in my World Within to keep my dreaming and faith in our New Earth strong and potent (Gai, Trainee EMD 2021). 



  • Evidence of having received or provided sessions in  practices such as massage, shamanic healing, energy healing, Reiki, holistic, yogic or similar, counselling/psychotherapy/psychology/osteopathy practices. You may have experience, or intention to study, in facilitating personal or spiritual advancement in group or community wellbeing workshops with an interest in the 'sacred'. IF this is your first experience of this kind of approach to health and wellbeing, please be sure to let Stephy or Heather know. 

  • Level One is not a pre-requisite for training, although it is ideal to have taken this journey first. 



While this course is not accredited, you will be given a certificate of attendance which may be helpful at some time. 



You will received a handout of material for recapping theoretical aspects of the training.



  • A pendulum (any sort) and a feather;

  • A drum and/or sound bowl if you have one; or other musical instruments that you might use for healing.

  • Several jars with lids (for any essences you may make).

  • A small ceramic bowl to hold and mix earth in. 

  • Flowers and herbs from your garden if you have any, 

  • Your yoga mat and own sarong, pillow, light throw.

  • Water bottle and extra water.

  • Natural inspect repellant and sun protection for outdoor activities.

  • Candle.

  • Alter cloth. 

  • Any sacred healing tools and objects that call you, including nine crystals, stones or natural objects to create a sacred altar.

  • Notebook and pens.

  • Bring everything on the list to ensure you have your own tools to turn to. 



Please cater for your own lunch. A healthy morning and afternoon tea with gluten free options will be provided. 



To safeguard everyone's health, please contact organisers and do not attend the workshop if you have any signs of a cold or flu. 



We decided to offer three choices of investment to suit a range of circumstances. This is a time to help each other like never before. Those who are feeling bountiful and generous please know that you will be assisting your sisters and brothers of less fortunate circumstances to attend this transformative offering.  Please consider your choice carefully. If you can't find a fit be sure to reach out and let us know and we can talk about it. Scroll to the bottom to send a message.

Our contact details are included in the email that we send in response to your booking. Please be sure to subscribe when you book in to make it easy to keep in touch. You can also send a message of enquiry (e.g .info for local accommodation) at the bottom of this page. Thank you. 


$500 – New Dreaming

This price has been carefully considered for those of you who are unemployed or self-employed and your business has been impacted by massive change, or you are studying at present. Anyone in appreciation of a helping hand. The number five has been carefully chosen for its vibration of freedom, liberty, personal power, adventure and abundance. This number supports you to let your hair down and dive deeply into the Energy Medicine path. We are offering five places at this price, so be sure to book early if this is the investment level you wish to enter with. 


$600 – Divine Initiation

This price is for those of you who are (self) employed and earning an income at present, or you are supported by someone who is employed. The number 6 vibrates with the energies of nurturing, love and healing.  This choice of investment supports you to fully embody Energy Medicine Deepening spirit, opening your compassionate and embodying loving heart energies like never before, connecting you with powerful and abundant Energy Medicine healing capabilities.


 $700 –  Alchemic Abundance

This price is for those of you who are feeling abundant and ready to invest fully in this training. The number 7 is considered to bring good fortune in some cultures. It supports you on your quest of wisdom and knowledge and to connect with your intuition, offering the capacity to dive deep into, understand and be guided by the Divine and Mystery.


$889.00 - Dive Deep

For those of you ready to Dive Deep and fully  invest in and attend both courses. We are delighted to offer you this opportunity to journey with us by giving you a substantial discount. 


$222 - Repeat the Course

If you have previously attended EMD Level One with Stephie and Heather and wish to repeat the training, you are invited to attend at a greatly discounted price. Much Love. Stephy and Heather x


PLEASE NOTE: A DISCOUNT IS OFFERED WHEN YOU BOOK INTO BOTH COURSES: please contact Heather or Stephie for more details. 

MAKE AN OFFER: if the prices here are out of your range at this time, please contact Heather or Stephie to see if a trade can be done, or if you are eligible for a payment plan :) ♡




If you have to cancel because of illness please discuss your situation with Stephie or Heather to negotiate a refund. Thank you.

Refunds will not be offered les than two weeks ahead of the training commencing.

50% refunds will be given more than 2  weeks ahead of the workshop..

Payment plans may be possible - please enquire.






More About Your Trainers


Stephy Lister


I am a Mumma, a Wylde Woman, Bodyworker, Sound Alchemist, Weaver of Ceremonies and a Passionate Lover of Nature. You will often find me with a foot in flowing creek while stoking a Magical fire ~ eating chocolate!!!! With Feathers in my hair and sticks and herbs stuck in the tassels of my long skirts.

I work with women in Ceremonies and Wylde women Immersions, and weave together powerful combinations of Bodywork, Sacred Sound , Mama Medicina.

Abdominal therapy and Womb Steams for women in all stages of life. 

From afar, you can journey online with me to the Wylde places.



Stephanie Lister is the founder of Ceremonial Embodyment, working from The Nourishing Nest in Maleny. Her professional journey has risen from many places including:

  • Remedial Massage studies.
  • Spa Therapies.
  • Crystal Resonance Therapy.
  • Reiki Jin Kei Do.
  • Buddho ~ Inner Sense.
  • Crystal Earth Shamanism.
  • Mayan Abdominal Therapy.
  • Mumma Medicine Practitioner Training.
  • Activating Your inner Wyldeness online live journeys.
  • Holding and Co-Creating Women's Ceremonial Circles for many years.
  • More than twenty years of client practice. 


Testimonials and Expressions of Gratitude 

On entering the healing room the smells immediately transported me to another realm. I instantly found myself entering trance state as I lay on the healing table. My breathing was guided by Stephy, and soon I totally handed over to the spirits holding us both. 
Moving in and out of trance, I became aware of Stephy inviting my Inner Medicine Woman to join us. There was nothing left to do but surrender, with the sounds of drum and bowls and voice, a nurturing touch took me deeper into healing realms than I had ever experienced before. 
The medicine woman sang and danced around me and I could feel my could returning to its fullness. 
It was the most powerful healing experience in my life in the gentle hands of Stephy and my Inner Medicine Woman. 

Thank you so much dear Stephy, that was wonderful.  The anointing with oils; the smell of trees.  Water from the sacred springs at Glastonbury, oh that was such a perfect connection. I loved the sounds of the medicine drum, the bowls, feeling them vibrate through my body; the wind above me, elemental and primal.  Oh my goodness, and the hot stones, the massage... just lovely.  I feel very relaxed, and very grateful.  It was special to think of my great-grandmother, and the link back to her through my mother and hers.  Thank you thank you thank you.  



Such love, care, intuitive knowing, heart, wise women wisdom and magic occurs when you Beautyful Earth Goddess prepare for your ceremonial offerings. It’s the magic of you Stephy and who you are in the world. I am so truly blessed to share this journey with you at this incredible time on our most incredible Earth Mother and to call you my Sista.



Image: Stephy and Heather in their element nurtured and nurturing by the Creek, on Country. 

Heather Price  


I am Daughter of the Earth and Sun, Granddaughter of the Moon, and sister of Wind. Eagle guides me as I walk with Bulls and run with Wolves. 

Guided by my Star-Being Family and energy medicine guides, I journey between worlds with those who seek me out for healing and guidance. 

My vision is to assist those who walk with me to live, love and lead in sacred and spirited ways.



Heather Price is the founder of Shamanic Path and Practice which she offers locally from Maleny and Brisbane as well as online. Her professional journey has arisen from a number of training landscapes including:

  • As a practicing professional artist for twenty years.
  • Formed private art school for children 1992.
  • Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2
  • Diploma and advanced diploma level studies in communication and a degree in social science and counselling. 
  • As a teacher aide and later youth case worker for Education QLD with children and young people to assist them, and their care-givers, to develop social and personal development and creative learning skills in award winning programs.
  • Studies over three years with a Native American Shaman.
  • Brief studies in advanced shamanism in Hawaii, 2009.
  • Conversations with and informal learning from a Zulu Shaman principally around celestial encounters in a visit to South Africa in 2007.
  • Ceremony woman within  a number a women's communities.
  • Trainer since 2004 in Shamanic Path and Practice for practitioners. 
  • Visionary for and Co-founder of The VisionKeepers leadership community along the Eastern coastline of Australia.
  • Global Ambassador for Parenting 2.0, a Social Skills Advocate program across seven continents.
  • Online studies in Celtic Shamanism through the Shift Network. 
  • Offering hundreds of face to face and online workshops and shamanic wisdom circles for personal and professional development.
  • Private practice offering counselling, mentoring and energy healing for personal and professional development since 1999, and current. 
  • Member IICT. Previous member PACFA and QCA.


Testimonials and Expressions of Gratitude


“These processes have helped me to deepen the way I live and work and opened up a more holistic way of working with clients.
I find now that I am more aware of how energy blocks may be influencing progress, and how I might facilitate improvement in energy flow.  
I am more relaxed, feeling supported and open to whatever my client needs while taking care of myself." 
Virginia Woods, Counselling Psychologist.


“Today I felt very blessed to have a beautiful healing journey (shamanic guidance with mandala, medicine cards and drum) with lovely Heather Price. I have been following her on Social Media for some time so it was awesome that today the planets aligned & I got to sit with her in person. I felt really safe in her presence so very easily dropped into the processes she shared with me.

Heather helped me remove some heavy burdens that I have been carrying for some time as well as giving me some great insights into things that came up for me. Tonight I am feeling so much lighter & filled with joy. I feel much more on purpose, my clarity has returned & I am feeling ready to move towards my Dreams.

I have been following my guidance & the energy diligently this year. The more I trust & keep stepping forward, the more is revealed to me. I am looking forward to practicing the processes that Heather showed me today. 

I believe we all need support on our journey. We aren't meant to do this all on our own. Totally grateful for the amazing Teachers that show up in my life. They always say, when the Student is ready, the Teacher appears."


♡♡♡ Leeann  
"I was so touched by my healing sessions progress that I approached Heather around her teachings and apprenticeships. I am now also undertaking the Shamanic Path and Practitioner training.  My own healing has again taken on a new level as I work through the processes I have learnt on friends and family but also myself. I feel that this style of teaching truely works for me as I can experience the magic and be personally touched then inspired to assist others with these incredible processes that have changed my life. 
Confidence was a word I couldn't even say.... now everyone comments on how much of this humble Confidence that I now ooze." 

Teula De'Gars

B Arts(Drama), B Ed
M. Social Change and Development.


Image Heather Price with Sacred Drum

Gratitude for Stephy


Deeply nurturing for body, mind and soul… Stephanie’s practice is far more powerful than a single-modality therapy. Integrated, intuitive and holistic, her use of massage, music, crystal, sound and journey invites the multidimensional aspects of self to help with healing.




I am so excited to share how wonderful Stephy is with everyone.  In every area of her work and what she offers it is held with love, warmth, strength, understanding and insight. I highly recommended Stephy and all that she offers whether it be a sacred circle or a transformational healing – Stephy is Ceremonial Embodyment 



Gratitude for Heather


"Spirit can come at you with a great force when your spirit is ready to do the work which is why I appreciate the great loving, nurturing and passive presence that Heather brings to her ceremony and workshop space.

Do not underestimate this as soft for only someone that has worked with great spirit and understands the balance of this great work can bring this loving presence as well as strong will to the space.
Heather is a wonderful teacher and story teller. Her words hold the magic of the cosmos and bring light to the path ahead.
I highly recommend Heather and her drum teachings to those that are on the shamanic path and seek the guidance with ease and grace. 
 Kassandra Scardino - Founder and Director or Point of Light Crystal Therapy


You can choose from three thought filled and generous payment options.







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With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
Thank you for stopping by here and we hope to hear from you soon!