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Crystal Cleanse After Trauma


Crystal Cleanse After Trauma 


Integrative  Vibrational Energy Medicine  

An online training with Heather Price for existing energy health and healing practitioners with a background knowledge or understanding of energy healing medicine and crystal wisdom who are interested in assisting those who have recently received Covid 19 vaccinations, who may or have experienced physical trauma from this procedure - or who wish to prepare for the procedure and rebalance their energy field. This process can be adapted to assist to clear any accumulated energy trauma trapped in the physical body, always influenced by, and impacting, the surrounding energy bodies.
Disclaimer: Heather Price is not a medical practitioner, and makes no claim to cure any medical condition. She works at a metaphsyical and spiritual level only to support clients into self-care and self transformation. 
Time: 12 noon - 4.30pm. Brisbane Australia time. There will be a half hour restoration/tech break in the middle of the training. 



You will be guided through the following processes:

  • Types of Trauma that can be treated in this way.
  • Overview three stages of cleanse.
  • Preparing yourself and your space for this process. 
  • Contracting with,  preparing and supporting your client for this process.
  • Measuring energy in field before and after cleanse. 
  • Connecting with inter-dimensional guides and energies to assist this process.
  • Creative visualisation to ‘see’ where toxins are stored.
  • Learn steps to connect, contract and cleanse with your crystal's spirit.
  • Post treatment practitioner cleanse and continued client contact.


Your Investment


There are three options to consider - follow link to website for more information or to book your place. Please choose the one that resonates best for you at this time. 

Heather Price will be your facilitator for this training. A world from Heather.

I am delighted to offer an afternoon of training for practitioners or trainees invested in awakening the medicine of the Inner Worlds to enhance your existing holistic healing practice. In the past five months I have offered about thirty treatments to cleanse and balance people after they had the vaccine. There were some treatments offered more than once to the same person. From these processes, I have collected enough data to feel ready to support other practitioners to carry out this process. Normally I wouldn't consider teaching a process that I haven't trialled for over a year. However, as time is of essence for those being vaccinated, I feel to fast-track and begin training established practitioners in this gentle and seemingly effective treatment. Having said that, there are many elements of this process in the training that I have been teaching since 2004, and other elements I have practiced for more than  twenty years.  I encourage all of you to keep track of the data as you proceed with the Crystal Cleanse process. I would appreciate it if you can work with me to measure the effectiveness of this treatment. I will talk more about this in the training. 



This is professional development for practitioners or trainees invested in awakening a deeper and more magical consciousness when holding space for transformational healing and sacred practices.

You will be introduced to four stages to move your client through to cleanse and rebalance their bodies and  vibrational energy field. 



Heather has been practicing and teaching energy healing and creating ceremony for community for many years. Her offerings are grounded in a shared love for the Sacred Way and for Mother Earth, and tremendous respect for ancient traditional teachings. 



During this workshop it is anticipated that you will: 

  • Be introduced to shamanic wisdom  processes to guide your practice and all aspects of walking consciously.
  • Gain confidence and skills Measuring energy levels and tracking energy, and defining where to direct your Healing Focus by using energy-medicine tools, alongside of the inner wisdom of your client.
  • Develop your understanding of the healing and transformative power that is available to you in other dimensions of consciousness. 
  • Gain confidence in your capacity to Whisper with your inner guides and teachers. This will specifically include a  Grandmother Healer, and one or more Animal Spirit guides. There may be others who appear on the day. 
  • Develop and expand skills in Creating Sacred Space.
  • And all else that is brought forward spontaneously, guided by Spirit and the Sacred.



  • Evidence of having received training in, or currently studying, client-centred practices such as massage, shamanic healing, energy healing, Reiki, holistic, yogic or similar, counselling/psychotherapy/psychology practices. Or experience, or intention to study, in facilitating personal or spiritual advancement in group or community wellbeing workshops with an interest in the 'sacred'.
  • Existing skills in client intake, communication and assessment or establishing safe passage for ritual and ceremonial practices.  



While this course is not accredited, you will be given a certificate of attendance which may be helpful at some time. 



You will received a handout of material for recapping theoretical aspects of the training.



Please have everything ready on the preparation list to fully interact in the training. 

  • A pendulum (any sort) and a feather;
  • A clear quartz crystal generator like the one in the photo in the heading - or close as possible to this.
  • Candle.
  • Altar cloth. 
  • Any sacred healing tools and objects that call you.
  • Notebook and pens. 



We decided to offer three choices of investment to suit a range of circumstances. This is a time to help each other like never before. Those who are feeling bountiful and generous please know that you will be assisting your sisters and brothers of less fortunate circumstances to attend this transformative offering.  Please consider your choice carefully. If you can't find a fit be sure to reach out and let us know and we can talk about it. Scroll to the bottom to send a message.

Our contact details are included in the email that we send in response to your booking. Please be sure to subscribe when you book in to make it easy to keep in touch. You can also send a message of enquiry at the bottom of this page. Thank you. 

$122 – New Dreaming

This price has been carefully considered for those of you who are unemployed or self-employed and your business has been impacted by massive change, or you are studying at present. Anyone in appreciation of a helping hand. These numbers add up to the number five, and have been chosen for their vibration to the energy of  Freedom - and energy that supports the New Dreaming. As a practitioner you are ready to assist your clients to be free of anything weighing them down and preventing them from living free, healthy lives. 

$152 – Divine Initiation

This price is for those of you who are employed at present, or you are supported by someone who is employed. These numbers have been carefully chosen for their vibration to the number 8 when combined.  This number brings you into stability and balance, with your body, heart, mind and spirit unified in their collective purpose of supporting you through life, and it's stages of divine initiation.  The number 8 gifts you with infinite possibilities and holds you in two circles, the circle of the visible world which represents the World Around You that can be seen and touched, and the circle representing all other worlds that you can interact in to become a Master Manifestor of your Dreaming. 

 $222 –  Alchemic Abundance

This price is for those of you who are feeling abundant and free to invest fully in this training. As an angelic number, you can be sure your angels and guides are beside you to assist you when this number turns up. These numbers add up to the number six,  resonating with harmony and nurturing in your practice, and in your domestic environment, with stability and success in business. 



If you have to cancel because of illness please discuss your situation with Heather to negotiate a full refund. Thank you.

Refunds will not be offered one week ahead of the training commencing.

50% refunds will be given 2  weeks ahead of the workshop.

Full refunds will be given when requested two weeks ahead of the training.  


About Your Trainer - Heather Price  


I am Daughter of the Earth and Sun, Granddaughter of the Moon, and sister of Wind. Eagle guides me as I walk with Bulls and run with Wolves. 

Guided by my Star-Being Family and energy medicine guides, I journey between worlds with those who seek me out for healing and guidance. 

My vision is to assist those who walk with me to live, love and lead in sacred and spirited ways.



Heather Price is the founder of Shamanic Path and Practice which she offers locally from Maleny and Brisbane as well as online. Her professional journey has arisen from a number of training landscapes including:

  • As a practicing professional artist for twenty years.
  • Formed private art school for children 1992.
  • Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2
  • Diploma and advanced diploma level studies in communication and a degree in social science and counselling. 
  • As a teacher aide and later youth case worker for Education QLD with children and young people to assist them, and their care-givers, to develop social and personal development and creative learning skills in award winning programs.
  • Studies over three years with a Native American Shaman.
  • Brief studies in advanced shamanism in Hawaii, 2009.
  • Conversations with and informal learning from a Zulu Shaman principally around celestial encounters in a visit to South Africa in 2007.
  • Ceremony woman within  a number a women's communities.
  • Trainer since 2004 in Shamanic Path and Practice for practitioners. 
  • Visionary for and Co-founder of The VisionKeepers leadership community along the Eastern coastline of Australia.
  • Global Ambassador for Parenting 2.0, a Social Skills Advocate program across seven continents.
  • Online studies in Celtic Shamanism through the Shift Network. 
  • Offering hundreds of face to face and online workshops and shamanic wisdom circles for personal and professional development.
  • Private practice offering counselling, mentoring and energy healing for personal and professional development since 1999 - December 2021. 
  • Previous member PACFA and QCA. 
  • Current Trainer in Shamanic Path and Practice and Vibrational Energy Medicine Practices. Online .
  • Current Online Mentoring and Shamanic Healing.
  • Current CCAT Practitioner offering Crystal Healing, Cleaning and Energy Balance 4 Stags of Support for C19 Vaccine recipients. Online.
  • Current Daily Co-Creation Cards Author offering guidance with these an other energy medicine  cards. Online. 
  • Current Member IICT. 


Expressions of Gratitude for Crystal Cleanse After Trauma (CCAT).

“Heather Price I’m so happy you are doing this. I have used this technique with you and honestly the difference it has made is phenomenal. The Crystal acted as it was programmed, to be a vacuum, and I felt the toxic muck leave my body. I feel great. The lasting affects of working with crystals are so many but a few are connecting with nature, the starbeings, and all that is.
I love my crystals and I do have quite a few so to have one special one to do this work is a bonus indeed.
Thank you for your gifts of sight and loving kindness Heather.
Much love" πŸŒΌπŸ’—πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
Belinda - Client of CCAT 2021 


"Testimonial & Expression of Gratitude for Crystal Cleanse After Trauma (CCAT) 

Review rating – 5 stars!

Thank you Heather – you are a brilliant healer and teacher, a wise and caring human being!

As a healer and educator in the ecological and human potential field, I have decades of experience and many fine tools for managing health & well-being. However I was too emotionally attached to the challenge I was facing with regards to getting vaccinated. My intuition was obscured by stress and information overload from all the research I’d done. Fortunately I had the sense to reach out to you for guidance.

The crystal dowsing process you taught me was remarkably well-designed and effective. I found it easy to use to get clear answers to my questions, verified by multiple ‘randomised, blind’ tests.

The process you taught me to use to detoxify and transmute unwanted substances and energies from the vaccination was also brilliant. Each time I used it there was a noticeable benefit, especially powerful during the two live Zoom sessions with you facilitating and guiding.

I particularly value the way you empower your clients with the knowledge and practical ability to be able to use these techniques independently.

Thank you for your care, wisdom, healing and empowerment!

With gratitude,

Marc Kundalini - Ecologist, Environmental Educator, Healer - CCAT client 2021"


"Thank you Heather for providing an insightful training into how to facilitate healing using crystals to empower clients to  cleanse toxins and trauma stored energetically in the body. Having the opportunity to practice on each other assisted the learning process and as always been my experience.

Heather always creates a supportive and sacred space to learn and heal."

Narissa - Trainee - CCAT 2021



"Spirit can come at you with a great force when your spirit is ready to do the work which is why I appreciate the great loving, nurturing and passive presence that Heather brings to her ceremony and workshop space.

Do not underestimate this as soft for only someone that has worked with great spirit and understands the balance of this great work can bring this loving presence as well as strong will to the space.

Heather is a wonderful teacher and story teller. Her words hold the magic of the cosmos and bring light to the path ahead.

I highly recommend Heather and her drum teachings to those that are on the shamanic path and seek the guidance with ease and grace. "

Kassandra Scardino - Founder and Director or Point of Light Crystal Therapy


“Today I felt very blessed to have a beautiful healing journey (shamanic guidance with mandala, medicine cards and drum) with lovely Heather Price. I have been following her on Social Media for some time so it was awesome that today the planets aligned & I got to sit with her in person. I felt really safe in her presence so very easily dropped into the processes she shared with me.

Heather helped me remove some heavy burdens that I have been carrying for some time as well as giving me some great insights into things that came up for me. Tonight I am feeling so much lighter & filled with joy. I feel much more on purpose, my clarity has returned & I am feeling ready to move towards my Dreams.

I have been following my guidance & the energy diligently this year. The more I trust & keep stepping forward, the more is revealed to me. I am looking forward to practicing the processes that Heather showed me today. 

I believe we all need support on our journey. We aren't meant to do this all on our own. Totally grateful for the amazing Teachers that show up in my life. They always say, when the Student is ready, the Teacher appears."


β™‘β™‘β™‘ Leeann  
"I was so touched by my healing sessions progress that I approached Heather around her teachings and apprenticeships. I am now also undertaking the Shamanic Path and Practitioner training.  My own healing has again taken on a new level as I work through the processes I have learnt on friends and family but also myself. I feel that this style of teaching truely works for me as I can experience the magic and be personally touched then inspired to assist others with these incredible processes that have changed my life. 
Confidence was a word I couldn't even say.... now everyone comments on how much of this humble Confidence that I now ooze." 

Teula De'Gars

B Arts(Drama), B Ed
M. Social Change and Development.


Image Heather Price with Sacred Drum



Heather Price is a gifted, knowledgeable and compassionate healer.  She is someone who understands the unseen world, and is able to teach others how to enlarge their own capacities to do so too. 

I have benefited immensely both personally and professionally from her training course.  Heather generously shares her gifts in a safe, supportive environment.  She teaches with much passion and joy. 

I have no hesitation in recommending her services and courses to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and others, and to professionals wanting to expand their healing capabilities.
Gail Kenny
Gestalt Psychotherapist






Dear Heather, 

Thank you so much for sharing this teaching with us. I love your teachings and working with the crystal kingdom and Star Beings, so this training was a treat in more ways than one.
Your methodology is very clear and helped simplify the process. I remember all the steps which is a win for me!
This is such an important tool to have in today's reality to be able to offer to those that need support and I feel very excited about having added it to my repertoire and I look forward to putting into practice.
With love and gratitude,

Etty Trainee CCAT 2021




You can choose from three thought filled and generous payment options.







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With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
Thank you for stopping by here and we hope to hear from you soon!