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Journaling with Giraffe

You Are One Step Closer

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Do you often feel powerless over how your life, and your day, unfolds?

Would you appreciate having transformative resources to assist you to feel more like a partner in your existence?

Does stress and anxiety block you from moving with flow?

This journaling process allows you to move more consciously with your emotional responses, and assists you to respond wisely rather than react unconsciously to life's challenges and stressors. 

Journaling With Giraffe assists you to stretch beyond old ways of seeing and doing. However, BE GIRAFFE is not only for those who struggle. It is for those who are curious, who are inspired to

be in-spirited by Giraffe and become a Master Co-Creator.


Mastering Co-Creation


This blueprint is a map to guide you through a powerful journaling process that will enrich your experience as a Co-Creator. We have called this journaling process BE GIRAFFE. It is guided by the energy medicine of Giraffe.

When we think of giraffes, what do we see and know?

  • We see a tall rambling animal with a patterned coat who is elegant when he runs at a fast speed, or slowly.
  • Giraffe has a long, strong, versatile tongue that moves between thorns and wraps around branches and leaves.
  • He stretches his neck to pick the best fruit on the highest branches.
  • Giraffe has a clear view high up of what lies high up beyond the horizon.
  • He is a little awkward and vulnerable when drinking water, as he is forced to splay his legs to bend down.
  • He has beautiful eyes and long lashes.
  • He has short hairy crown-like horns in front of his ears.
  • Giraffe is known for his gentle, friendly, and inquisitive nature.


The Story Behind BE GIRAFFE, by Heather Price

BE GIRAFFE was birthed over a year when I was facing huge stress that came about when relocating my life and business to another state. I had left my tribe and my comfort zone and felt like I had stretched myself beyond my limit. Most days were visited by stress and anxiety.

While I had always turned to journalling to relieve the pressure of built up feelings and stress, I knew I needed more at this time. I needed to be able to see what lay beyond my current horizon, to transform the doubts that persisted in my head about the risks I had taken to move into unfamiliar territory. Essentially I needed reassurance and to be able to clearly see the steps that would lead me out of the fog in my mind and shift the inertia and stuckness that I felt in my body. My heart was strong, but wounded by past and present trauma. By this time in my professional life, I had developed a solid and successful blueprint, called BE VAST NOW (an acronym) for working with clients who had, like me, lost their way, feeling powerless over how their life was unfolding. As I was journalling one day, I began to use this blueprint with myself and immediately noticed a shift.

At the same time this was happening I noticed that Giraffes kept showing themselves to me. They showed up in my moments of deep contemplation and meditation. I soon became aware that the Spirit of Giraffe was reaching out to help me. One day, while journalling, using the BE VAST NOW blueprint from my practice, I wrote the word GIRAFFE as an alternative acronym. Instantly the blueprint came to life as the Giraffe added its energy spirit to the process. The BE in BE GIRAFFE was added because I know the power of preparation when you take a journey of transformation. It stands for Breathe and Energise.

Suddenly I looked forward to my journalling so much as it helped me feel like I could transform and shift the emotional burdens I was carrying. The  core strength in my body responded to the shift in my heart and mind, and I began to feel more like I was participating in the creation of my life, rather than life just happening to me. My spirit, my inner knowing of who I really am and what I am capable of,  moved me to the light and illuminated the path ahead. It was the spirit of Giraffe that helped me gain a higher, more hopeful and trusting perspective on the changes in my life.

Once I had worked out the formula for this new, progressive way of journalling and had experienced remarkable results for myself, of course I wanted to share it. Excited with the results I was experiencing, I turned to a lifelong friend to see if BE GIRAFFE could assist her to find her way as she was struggling with a major issue in her life. Watching my friend Jane easily absorb the steps of BE GIRAFFE, I knew it could really work as a reliable self-help process. 

Within weeks of daily practice, away from my personal tutelage, my friend had mastered the process and was seeing great results. She had reconnected with her power, now having somewhere to channel her distress and fears, and was soon navigating her way through the challenges of significant and sudden change. 

Impressed by my own results and my friend's great shift, I began to run workshops teaching this process. They  were great fun and I could see those in attendance loved the concept of being guided by the Spirit of Giraffe, easily embracing the formula behind it. I could see the joy in their connection with this empowering energy medicine. 

Now it is time to take the marvellous gift of BE GIRAFFE further afield. You have an opportunity to gracefully navigate the open plains ahead of you, to be enriched by the beauty of your life that may be presently hidden from you. 

BE GIRAFFE is not only for those who struggle. It is for those who are curious, who are inspired to be in-spirited by Giraffe and become a Master Co-Creator.

How Can This Course And Giraffe Energy Medicine help you?


This creative journaling process guides you through a powerful co-creation blueprint that can be used in many ways. It is a great self-help and organisational tool for reflecting on your day or planning the day ahead. It can assist in releasing stress and anxious energy, and as a guide for problem-solving. BE GIRAFFE can also assist you in the workplace as a compass to guide you when running a session or workshop, to name a few. You only have to stretch your imagination to see how useful it can be.

Symbolically and essentially, Giraffe medicine is about stretching your approach to life to:

  • Elevate your experience, while raising your expectations and standards.
  • Point you the the direction which will allow access to the best fruits of life.
  • Assist you to be  insightful and clear about your dreams and visions, and to commit to thoughtful and creative action to support these.
  • Understand the patterns imprinted in your nature that have held you back at times, and expose and transform these in light.
  • Manage challenges and stressful situations seemingly out of your control with greater trust and more ease and grace. 
  • Develop the capacity for Higher Vision and self-leadership, allowing you to move majestically, gracefully, patiently, and swiftly through your day and life when need be.
  • Realise that you have to take risks at times and be vulnerable to get through your day. 

In this online course, you will...


In this online course, you will be introduced to steps and processes to guide your daily journaling practice. These include the stages of preparation, focused intention and action as follows:

Preparation For The Journey: You will learn how to be mindful in filling you  energy tank before taking any journey of exploration and transformation. 

☆ Voids and Insights: This next stage offers the opportunity to work with current stresses and release them, making space and the opportunity to capture gems of wisdom which help with defining your intention for today's practice. 

Intention Setting and Support: This stage assists you to fine-tune your discovered intention, and offers an empowering co-creation mantra to assist you to call in what you are asking help from benevolent sources within surrounding energy fields to help you. 

Identify and Transform Resistance: This space is dedicated to self-enquiry and tracking back to find core imprints and patterns preventing you from moving forward, retrieving what you may have fragmented along the way. Much of this is a symbolic process.

Focused Visioning: Once you reach this stage, your focus is now clear, and you will be guided to set goals and quests to support you to be in the best possible position to co-create your dreams and visions. 

☆ Taking Action and Congruence: This is one of the most important steps as a Co-Creator. It reflects your commitment to actively participate in the co-creation process. By taking action, you are demonstrating your belief in the process. You need to be aware that your thoughts are congruent with your actions. If you are acting positively while thinking negatively, it won't work as you are sending out mixed messages. 

Three take-aways you can anticipate from taking this journey of Journalling with Giraffe are:

  • You will develop a broader perspective of who you are and greater realisation of what it is that you really want and are committed to co-creating.
  • You will identify patterns that may be contributing to stress and doubt, resisting your path as a powerful Co-Creator, bringing these to the light to transform into new energy and new ways to move forward.
  • You will enjoy a creative and exciting experience of being a conscious partner in life’s unfolding.

A Spirited Story


BE GIRAFFE is one of the simplest, deepest, and profound tools I added to my toolbox in a while.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Shamanic Path and Practice practitioner I have been exposed to many tools that support co-creation. Adding BE GIRAFFE to my toolbox and using it regularly added a simple yet powerful tool to support me in focusing, inviting, clearing, forgiving, and manifesting like never before.

I use BE GIRAFFE on regular basis. it has the flexibility and depth to support me moving through deep wounding (such as feeling not enough) and at the same time supports me in working on budget planning or fulfilling a commitment i made.

When the doubt and stress creep in. having this tool assists me in refocusing my energy, raising my frequency, helps me remember that I am supported and loved.

I love meeting my future self, as part of this process, as she always comes up with really brilliant insights and broadens my perspectives.

BE GIRAFFE allows me to authentically give space to my challenges and frustrations, allow them to be expressed and transmuted into something that supports growth and possibilities.

Inbar Yudasin



A Spirited Story


"Be Giraffe provided focus when I was struggling to move forward with a heart-felt project.

While the shift was gradual and involved self-compassion and understanding, my commitment to practicing BE GIRAFFE helped daily to highlight and transform my negative emotional state into a positive one by highlighting my accomplishments and making goals achievable.

BE GIRAFFE has taught me to appreciate my achievements and understand that great things are possible, it just takes planning. 

This creative journalling process provides a simple methodology for people allowing them to recognise their state of mind, and by doing so, shift to a positive mindset that enables the establishment and focus on goals. It also allows one forgiveness for getting into the negative state."

Jane, Consultant for Environmental Developments.


Reach The Best Fruits

If you feel called to accept this invitation by Giraffe, the time to take action has arrived. 

Magic and Mastery can happen when you begin to understand that you are at all times consciously and sub-consciously co-creating your life, both opening and closing portals to new pathways filled with possibilities. 

While indeed magical, this transformative journaling process, on offer to assist you to become a Master Co-Creator, is backed up  by over twenty years of research in social science and practice in counselling, mentoring and energy-healing, supporting countless clients to reach the best fruits in life. 

Now It's Your Time To Master Co-Creation!



Key benefits from this course

  • You will learn new ways to discover and strengthen what you value and really want in your life by having a clear focus to build your manifesting energy around.
  • You will experience an expansion of possibility and confidence as you bring your dreams to life and learn to trust yourself and your capacity as a Master of Co-Creation. 
  • You will have tremendous, moments of joy and inspiration. 
  • You will break new ground, with the  satisfaction of being ready to take action and step fully into your life with clear vision and steps to reach your goals. 
  • You will have access to a broad range of quality videos, audios and transcripts to assist you to fully benefit from your well considered investment. 




Time To Take Action

Your Dreaming has brought you here. Now it's up to you to trust and take action to become a Master Co-Creator of your Life. 


Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.

With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
Thank you for stopping by here and we hope to hear from you soon!