Shamanic Mentoring 


In Corporate And Small Business.  

Mentoring in Life and Business 

I have loved walking beside a number of business owners and corporate leaders who look to me to assist them to grow into and move into what they already know is possible, with a helping hand. 

If you need support to make your visions for your life and business clear, and receive guidance with a creative and shamanic  influence, please reach out. 



What Does Mentoring Involve

The Journey of the Mentor and Mentee.

A good mentor can help and guide you on many levels, both personally and professionally. He or she will set out to assist you to define and expand your vision and map the pathways to be taken.

As a mentee, you will have the opportunity to talk about challenges you are facing and your mentor will share their experience so as to assist to avoid taking turns that leave you lost. 

A mentor will assist you to fine-tune your approaches to the offerings you have, perhaps even identifying and pointing out some potential pathways that you have overlooked.

You will be supported to gain confidence in your skills, bring blindspots out to the open, and encouraged to stretch to consider and reach your potential. 


Do you have aspirations to move beyond your present boundaries and comfort zone?

Do you have big dreams that you are ready to activate and follow?


If you choose to walk this path with me, I will offer all of the above, as well as suggest and share shamanic blueprints and tools that will further expand your horizon in creative and rewarding ways. 


Whatever visions you have for your personal and professional future, having an experienced mentor to share the journey can only enhance your probability of success. 


What Might a Mentoring Contract Look Like?


This is a copy of a contract with a past Mentee, with the name changed to protect privacy.  

Name of Mentor: Heather Price

Name of Mentee: Elizabeth Smith


Agreed Intention of Mentoring Sessions:  

Mentee: To strengthen Higher Wisdom within my life and business.  To create a stone in the river ripple effect.

Mentor's Intention:To hold space to find the wisdom you seek within. To encourage you to follow signs that will lead you into the leadership and pathway of influence that you seek.


Mentor’s Roles as seen by Mentee:

  • To hold space to teach and guide me to a place of Higher Wisdom.
  • To share relevant experience.
  • To make and share relevant observations that will benefit.
  • To offer support.


Mentor’s role as seen by Mentor:

  • To observe and point out where you can make positive changes and decisions.
  • To challenge you to stretch and explore options.
  • To use creative, shamanic processes to help you to reflect and consider more deeply, so as to find ways reach your goals.


Mentee’s Commitment:

  • To be prepared each time we meet, with clear intention for the session.
  • To be fully present, open, respectful, time and space conscious.
  • To step through the doorways as they open.
  • To anchor the wisdom as it comes.
  • To journal the sessions and reflect on what is learned.
  • To channel what I learn with you toward my clients.
  • To be guided by Crow wisdom - which you have taught me means to know my truth and hour my values, and to make agreements with myself that I will keep.
  • To be open to guidance by Ancestral Wisdom.


Mentor’s Commitment

  • To be present and listen well.
  • To watch and inspire.
  • To challenge and ask necessary questions.
  • To be prepared to mentor, share experience, and collaborate.


Frequency:  We are aiming for monthly sessions at Ball’s Head Reserve. Waverton, and by phone when we can’t do that.


Investment: $180 per hour to be paid before each session. With 48 hours cancellation notice.


Agreement Signed: 

Heather Price………………………

Elizabeth Smith:  ………………....


Date: …………………………......




Where To From Here?


If this sounds like what you are looking for you will register your interest and and an appointment will be made for a phone meeting with Heather to discuss your needs and suitability.

Location: Mentoring takes place online, or at Maleny, 40 minutes inland in the mountainous hinterlands of Sunshine Coast, and and hour and fifteen minutes North west of Brisbane. 

Availability: If a match if found, we will work out the details of the session times together. 

InvestmentExecutive Mentoring is $270 and hour. Small Business Owners are invited to invest $180 and hour. 

The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness: If you decide to sign up as a potential Mentee, you will be immediately receive a handout to study of a shamanic map called The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness (SCMC). This map is a blueprint of your operating system and your potential as your Whole Self. It places all the major areas of who you are in four directions across your board, in the East, North, West and South. These represent your Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual aspects and intelligence that assist to exist in the world as your Whole Self. There are four other directions or 'worlds' on the map that support you on the journey. These greatly support you but are less known about and are not as visible or necessarily part of your conscious knowing. They are the Worlds Below, Above, Within and Without.

You will be guided by the Sacred Circle Map at all times in our Mentoring sessions. 

A Spirited Story


"Simply put, Heather helped me get my mojo back!   

Three years ago I lost my way in the corporate world and was really unhappy. In a sense I had allowed myself to be primarily about metrics, targets and satisfying everyone else. I had the nice title and enjoyed the business class lounge... all the things I thought would give me a sense of achievement, but I felt far from happy.  

A costly burnout was the result. With a gas tank at zero I went to see Heather for mentorship. Heather helped me find my heart so I could put it back into my life!  As odd as that sounds I am now able to work in the world from a more loving space with more energy and creativity.

My friends and clients have remarked on my calm energy and one client even used the word Zen!  I feel that my journey is just beginning... and now I can actually enjoy it!

Thank you Heather for sharing your gifts and talents.

Lorenne. Corporate Mentee.

A Spirited Story


"A good teacher knows the requirements and limitations of the student, and tailors the teachings to suit, with a deep desire to support the success of her student. A great teacher sees beyond requirements and limitations, to exponential potential. She "raises the bar" on what she expects of herself as teacher, in order to inspire in the student the desire to exceed beyond their own imagined achievement.

Heather Price is this great teacher. Her thorough knowledge of, and experience as, a Practitioner of the Shamanic Path Practices, combines with a deep understanding of her individual students, and marries with her supreme skills in lesson plan, preparation and delivery, to allow her to intuitively direct and redirect the attention and focus of her teachings before the student is aware it was required. The result is a student guided and supported through to the self-discovery necessary to understand that there are no external limitations to the achievement of one's goals. 

My experience of Heather Price as a mentor, teacher, facilitator, practitioner and guide is that "if I can imagine it, I can do it - and surpass it."


Ali Hughes.  Singer, International Songwriter, Performer, Sydney, New York, London. 



Are you ready to move gracefully to discover new horizons?




Key elements you can expect to experience by taking this journey

  • You will learn new ways to discover and strengthen what you value and really do well already in your life and business. You will be surprised how many mentees have a blind spot around their innate gifts and skills. Our work together will draw these outs. 
  • An expansion of possibility and confidence as you bring your dreams to life and learn to trust yourself and your capacity as a Confident Visionary and Master Co-Creator. 
  • Tremendous, moments of joy and inspiration. 
  • The satisfaction of being ready to take action and step fully into your life with clear vision and steps to reach your goals. 
  • A Blueprint Handout of the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness to guide the journey.



Time To Take Action

Your Dreaming has brought you here. You are clearly ready to receive the gifts waiting for you here. 


Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.

With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
Thank you for stopping by here and we hope to hear from you soon!