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Welcome to Shamanic Healing and Mentoring. 



My Role and Your Journey 

My role as a Shamanic Mentor/Coach/Trainer and Energy Medicine  Practitioner and you as a Client or a Professional Healing Practitioner of Community Leader. 

I see my role as one of inspiring you to wake up and remember and embrace who you are beneath the masks you are feeling forced to function in the world.

When you are in alignment with your True-Heart Nature, when you know and are comfortable in your skin and understand and have compassion for where you have come from, you feel confident to walk your path and to meet the future in a spirited way.

Your True Heart, guided by your soul's knowing and truth, is different to the Wounded Heart that looks to the past and is triggered into memories and stories that stir familiar, low vibrational energy and negative emotions. 

I encourage you to believe in yourself and trust in your journey. To move away from the traps that come from being stuck in woundedness, and into the light that shines your truth. 

You will come with your own unique set of circumstances, and may choose to walk with me for shamanic healing, counselling, and mentoring. 

You may arrive already well informed of the issues that have held you back and you are ready to work intensively to heal and transform past wounds so as to move gracefully forward.

Perhaps you are more tentative as you begin your inner journey, taking small steps at a time. 

Some of you may visit two or three times and find that is enough, either because you have experienced rapid and lasting transformation, or because the timing is not quite right just yet. Others will choose to connect on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as a way to support you on your journey until you are ready and equipped to step out alone. 

The Place Where We Meet For 
Individual Shamanic Mentoring, Counselling and Healing Sessions:

These are now primarily held online or in my home in Maleny; When I visit Sydney they are held at the Awareness Centre in Crows Nest. 

For healing support, optimum results occur with 3-4 sessions and are recommended to explore matters of Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit to enhance and enrich your spiritual, personal and professional journey.

Primarily it is you who will be directing these sessions, discussing whatever you have come to explore in a therapeutic and confidential space. This may or may not involve shamanic energy healing.

Your Options

There are three options for counselling/healing/mentoring.

1. Option one is for everyone for the first time as we need to spend time together to get to the root causes of the issues you present with. This take approximately One and a half hours. Follow up sessions take eighty minutes on average. 

2. Option two allows 55 minutes for an energy re-balance and restoration. While this option if very effective for follow ups when you are clear about your core wounding, blocks and purpose for a clearing, it is highly recommended that you choose the hour and half session for your first investment.

3. Option three is professional mentoring and coaching for those of you in service who are seeking consistent or one-off mentoring and coaching to support you role as a leader, healing practitioner or professional manager or trainer. Sessions are usually an hour however they can be longer. 



While sessions are always guided by shamanic wisdom and the teachings of my Guides and the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness and The 8 Ways, and other teachers of energy medicine and indigenous practices, I have an abundant foundation of training in counselling an psycho-therapeutic and transpersonal  practices informed by the following theoretical frameworks:

Transactional Analysis (TA); Psychoanalytic Therapy; Inner Child Therapy; Gestalt Therapy; Psychodrama; Jungian & Transpersonal Therapy; Cognitive- Behavioural Therapy; Multi-Systemic Therapy; Core Profile Theory; Reiki / Energy Healing; ANSUA; NLP; Kineseology and Kinergetics; Melody Crystal Healing.



I began my training in communication and counselling and energy healing in 1997 and have practiced consistently in private practice since 1999. My early days saw me working part time as a youthworker and case manager in Education Queensland, working with challenged children, teenagers, and their parents. I transitioned fully into private practice in 2002. I began training other practitioners in shamanic wisdom in 2004. 

The Options Expanded

Shamanic Energy Healing combined with counselling, psychotherapy, visioning/coaching, and mind-body shamanic tracking and processing:

This powerful fast-tracking process addresses the Whole Self, and is client-focused, requiring significant client interaction and participation. You will be taken through a process known as BE VAST NOW that will bring clarity into your visions for how you want to walk in the world, and assist you to set goals to get to that place. You will look at what may be coming up to be worked with and healed and transformed so you can live life as fully and authentically as you would like, using powerful shamanic tools to support and guide you.

While you will most likely feel a significant difference in one session, you are guided to invest in three or more sessions to really make the difference. On line or phone sessions somewhat surprisingly work well with shamanic energy healing.

You may then choose to have a balance on a monthly basis as a maintenance program, or you may choose to use some of the techniques, that you will learn along the way, on yourself. What ever you decide to do, you are encouraged to step into your own power and develop a daily practice of self observation, care, healing and personal growth. 

Your Investment (Negotiable): $180 or $200 for first one and half hours, then for $180 or $200 after that for about 75 minutes. I reserve the right to change the price annually, however rarely do increase your fee once you have begun. 

A shamanic energy field and chakra scan, repair, balance with a crystal grid, supported by the Sacred Drum and animal spirit guides:

We will have a  ‘brief’ discussion of where you need assistance, followed by a general energy healing and restoration session, which includes a gridding technique that powers up your field. The healing is handed over to the healers in other dimensions who take care of that is needed beyond what I can do with shamanic technologies. You are required to assist with the methods I guide you through. This is a strengthening process, and is a good follow up and maintenance treatment. 

Your Investment: $150 per session for 55 minutes. 


Professional Mentoring/Coaching

For those of you in leaderships positions, I offer mentoring sessions, turning to shamanic wisdom processes to guide you through your service. This is where you take the lead and I support you to talk through anything on a personal or professional level that may be impacting your capacity as a leader, healing practitioner or mentor.

Your Investment: $200 an hour. This includes 10 minutes extra connection time. I am flexible around this price for those of you who need extra support to serve. 

In your session you will learn to Track, Travel and Transform energy imprints. 

Track ~ Travel ~ Transform Past Imprints Into Light Energy

Sadly, unfortunately, unhappily, curiously, divinely, most of our emotional and physical reactions to life’s circumstances are amplified by our troubled past experiences and the disappointment caused by an attachment to future goals and dreams.  

When you think of all the energy you have unknowingly invested in past experiences that drained you, how do you feel? Would you like to have some of your precious energy back? Is that possible? I believe it is. How might you go about doing this you may ask?

When someone presents with a current issue I will always spend time with them to listen to what is going on right now, and while they are telling me their story, unlike a lot of practitioners who instantly move their clients into reprogramming on a cognitive non-feeling level, the Shamanic Path and Practice (SPP) practitioner is ever curious, observant and watchful. That is not to say my clients won’t be guided into self-responsibility and awareness of the power of their thoughts and words and the law of attraction – they are eventually guided to that place – it is more that I am searching for gems of awareness as they talk to me about their experience and pain. I am searching for stuck energy and limiting beliefs, and have already begun to track these, often using my own body as a surrogate, until I begin working on tracking the energy in my client’s body and energy field.

What I have discovered, and been guided to discover by my inner guides and teachers, is that we store the energy from unhealed circumstances as energetic imprints in our body and energy field. It is often in the telling of our stories that we discover and stir these hidden imprints, and when we can revisit the memories safely, in a supportive way, and take time to explore and validate the core seeds of old wounds, we begin a process of energy transformation and deep healing. We can then look at what is happening in the present moment in a more balance and isolated way.

This process in totality is called – Track~Travel~Transform, or TTT for short. A powerful shamanic process, TTT takes you to a place of transformation, love and light. YES _ this can be seen as SOUL RETRIEVAL - I prefer to call it Soul Restoration - we retrieve and restore lost parts - both those is darkness, to heal, and those misplaced or left behind in light.

A Spirited Story


"If ever I was to solidify my faith in what you are doing in my healing sessions, it was this past session on self doubt. 

On Sunday I spent 3 hours at work where I would relax to some degree but would be always watching myself (in  a sense and analysing my inability and uncomfortablility with things). Instead I was 100% present, not focused on anything about myself, and fully engaged. It was not until reflection at the end of the day, that I noticed my ease, grace and authenticity throughout the day. Doing things, I normally avoid, without a care in the world. In the experience it just felt easy being me and I am so so grateful.  

I feel something like an unveiling. I feel solid in myself.  I literally feel already  that "i am liberated from the shackles of self-doubt". 

The session has also helped me to clarify my intentions for the new moon. To deepen this way of being.

I wanted to give you some feedback.

Heather,  I am eternally grateful that you, your wisdom and beautiful healing and teachings have made their way into my life at this exact point in time. Thank you."

Alisabeth, Client Shamanic Mentoring and Healing

A Spirited Story


"Dearest Heather, I am so grateful to the wonderful opportunity you offered me to heal the past and clear the way for the future through the courses and appointments we have had. Without this assistance I would have continued to struggle with myself and the world around me, through your workshops I have found confidence to be my own person and work fully with spirit.

Your methodology was so gentle and fulfilled a dream come true as it has enhanced my life, my relationships and my work now and am sure forever. It helped me grow into myself and embrace techniques that i can now assist others with.

Thankyou so much ,you are truely an inspiration and my angel sent teacher. The Shamanic work has opened many doors of resolve and insight towards creating a better me.

With much love and blessings

Jo Ross - Phoenix Therapies and Footreading Australia 



Are Your Ready To Take The Journey Of Transformation With Me?

Please register your interest and you will be contacted to make an appointment. 

Self-enquiry and Measurement: 

You will be sent a form to measure where you are at, and where you would like to be. This assists us both in agreeing on a shared intention for the first and consequent sessions. 

A most significant tool on this journey healing is a survey to measure where you are at now in all major areas of your life, and to see where you would like to be. Once you have taken time to thoroughly investigate and measure where you are at in these significant areas of your life, you are invited to choose which ones you identify as being in need of attention and necessary for you to live a fulfilling life. You will then take the visions you have chosen for these areas on a more visual journey. 



Key benefits from this course

  • You will learn new ways to discover and strengthen what you value and really want in your life by having a clear focus to build your manifesting energy around.
  • An expansion of possibility and confidence as you bring your dreams to life and learn to trust yourself and your capacity as a Master of Co-Creation. 
  • Tremendous, moments of joy and inspiration. 
  • The satisfaction of being ready to take action and step fully into your life with clear vision and steps to reach your goals. 
  • A broad range of quality videos, audios and transcripts to assist you to fully benefit from your well considered investment. 

It Is Time To Live Love and Lead In A Spirited Way

Your Dreaming has brought you here. Now it's up to you to trust and take action to become a Master Co-Creator of your Life. 



Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.

With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
Thank you for stopping by here and we hope to hear from you soon!