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This is Your Opportunity to Broaden Your Visioning Capacity and Activate Your Goals 


Are you looking for a consultant to assist you and your team to clarify future personal and professional pathways that will benefit all concerned?

Do you wish to be more holistic in how your view the health and wellbeing of your workplace and those who work beside you?

Would you appreciate having a consultant who has had almost fifteen years of experience as a mentor and wellbeing consultant in corporate and small business arenas to assist owners, managers and operators into creative partnership toward personal and professional wellbeing, growth and success?



Creative Visioning Offer One 


Vision/Co-Creation Boards For Personal and Professional Support and Growth

In 2009, I was invited to take my vision/co-creation board workshops into the corporate world and was overwhelmed by the joy that they brought into these interactive spaces. In 2021, I presented my twelfth vision/co-creation board training to an accountancy firm who keeps asking me back because they get fantastic results! I get asked back not only because their personal and organisational dreams  come true, it is also because of the unifying effect this delightful co-creation journey takes them on.  It never ceases to amaze me how creating dreams together can unite us, especially when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in sharing our deepest desires, and when we help each other with the process, and to be accountable to continue to set goals to support the unfolding. 

It makes sense that in order to manifest our dreams and visions, we need to see or imagine and be reminded of them often. It makes perfect sense to experts who know how our brains work too. 

Josie Thomson, Resilience, Mindset & NeuroLeadership Expert, International Speaker, Multi Award Winning Coach, Author and Cancer Survivor and Co-author of The Wise Advocate, the inner Voice of Strategic Leadership (with psychiatrist Jeffrey Swartz and strategy expert Art Kleiner) has this to say about focused visioning: 

"For me personally I know the visual cortex is the biggest and strongest in our brain and significantly hijacks our other senses. 

Novelty gets our attention, and our brain loves pictures. Even our words are at times 'visualised' in some way as we associate them with thoughts, memories and experiences. Attention commands our focus. What we focus on grows. 

Having a visual 'dream board' of how I want my life to be, shapes my intentions for the day and informs how I greet my day with my attitude, focus and actions. I get more intentional and less distracted.”


After many years of offering training in visioning and co-creation in this way it  has become clear, from reviewing personal and client results of different vision/co-creation board methodologies,  that preparing and reviewing what you wanted to put on the board, followed by searching for and deciding where to place your pictures and words, was a very significant part of the process of co-creation. Equally, it was clear that adding goals and opportunities for immediate tasks and actions to be put into place during the Vision/Co-Creation Board process made all the difference to creating positive outcomes.

During my research on the benefits of guided imagery for success, I came across the work of Tara Swart, author of The Source: The Secrets of the Universe. Tara transitioned from her path in medicine as a psychiatrist to neuroscience, becoming an executive coach. Using vision boards (her preferred terminology is 'action' boards) as a major tool (Source: Scipiono J. Article: Top execs use this visualization trick to achieve success. The Science of the Brain.

To strengthen your chances of success of becoming a Master Co-Creator l have factored in the following goal-setting perimeters: 

Your long term Dreams, up to five years.

Your Visions for next 3 months to a year.

Your Quests and Tasks for the next 3 weeks. 

Immediate Actions beginning today. 


Strengthening Your Team

Team bonding and and strengthening is tone of the most joyful outcome to look forward to if your are a leader in your organisation of business. The exercises and whole approach to creative visioning is designed to inspire participants to not only take their own journey in creative visioning, but to assist and support fellow team members in the process. When offered in person this is much easier than online, however technology does offer creative processes in similar ways. 

Creative Visioning Offer Two


Organisational Vision Planning

You will know the importance of having a shared vision for everyone working in you organisation or business. It is common to create a vision and mission statement, and/or a constitution, that guides all major decisions and offers a perimeter to focus and work within. 

As a creative consultant, I am able to turn to shamanic blueprints to make the process of planning your vision and mission an exciting and interesting journey. The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness is one of the major tools I teach to you. Please read on for more information. 



On your journey of creative vision planning you will...

In this training in Creative Visioning for both offers, Vision/Co-creation Boards and Vision Planning, you will be introduced to a number of creative tools to guide the steps of creating your vision/co-creation board. 

The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness: Your first tool is a shamanic map called The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness (SCMC). This map is a blueprint of your operating system and your potential as your Whole Self. It places all the major areas of who you are in four directions across your board, in the East, North, West and South. These represent your Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual aspects and intelligence that assist to exist in the world as your Whole Self. There are four other directions or 'worlds' on the map that support you on the journey. These greatly support you but are less known about and are not as visible or necessarily part of your conscious knowing. They are the Worlds Below, Above, Within and Without.

You will be guided by the Sacred Circle Map at all times when exploring where you are at with your dreams and visions when selecting and placing images on your board. This map makes it very easy for you to navigate your way around your board, and assists you to find your way as time passes and your dreams and visions begin to manifest. 

Self-enquiry and Measurement: The next significant tool is a survey to measure where you are at now in all major areas of your life and business, and to see where you would like to be. Once you have taken time to thoroughly investigate and measure where you are at in these significant areas, you are invited to choose which ones you identify as being in need of attention and necessary for you to meet your personal and professional goals. You will then take the visions you have chosen for these areas on a more visual journey. 

 Images, Words, and Symbols: These are a major part of creative visioning. They are treated slightly differently in each training, however both ways serve to broaden your perspective and offer surprising clues ad guidance as to how to view your situation and your future visions. 

Clarifying Long and Short term Visions, Goals, Steps and Actions: There is space dedicated in your self-enquiry exercises to explore and decide on the actions you will need to take to ensure what you imagine becomes possible. 

Focused Visioning: You will  have a visual map of your way forward that you can look refer to every day. Your focus is now clear, and it is up to you to set goals to support you to be in the best possible position to co-create your dreams and visions. 

☆ Taking Action and Congruence: This is one of the most important steps to become a great visionary and Master Co-Creator. It reflects your commitment to actively participate in the co-creation process. By taking action, you are demonstrating your belief in the process. You need to be aware that your thoughts are congruent with your actions, however. If you are acting while thinking it won't work, then you are sending out mixed messages. 

The outcomes you can anticipate include:

  • You will develop a broader perspective of who you are within an ancient map of wisdom.
  • You will have a greater realisation of what it is that you really want or yourself and within a team .
  • You will discover what may be resisting your path as a powerful Co-Creator, bringing this to the light to transform into new energy and new ways to move forward.
  • You will enjoy a creative and exciting experience of putting your dreams and visions into visual form, with clear focus.
  • You will have clear steps to take over time.
  • You will develop a greater sense of being a partner in life’s unfolding.

A Gratitude  Story


I have known Heather Price for some time now and admire her skill with individuals and groups. I found Heather to be especially useful in helping me work through organisational issues such as facilitating organisational change.  
Heather’s style allowed me to think differently and use all parts of my brain to resolve concerns I had. Heather also worked with teams and individuals assisting them through Visioning which helps everyone to become clear about where they are going, and also to help build confidence in their power of manifestation and personal insight. I noticed an increase in individuals’ self-leadership  and commitment, and the development of community within teams.

Mandy Mawson. General Manager Corporate Services, Safe Food Production Qld

A Gratitude Story


Heather Price is an influential instrument in the corporate world. Her Shamanic ways are gentle and yet powerful. It is as though she holds a mirror up to people and they see who they really are and then choose who they want to be and step into their new selves. She has an incredible ability to bring a group of people together working in harmony.  She certainly has main a great difference to myself and my colleagues, my family and friends.  I highly recommend her for corporate work, where she can be trusted to help people to function at their best and be productive and positive in their work place and their life.  I don’t hesitate to recommend her to my business associates, colleagues, friends and family.  Heather will help you find the best in yourself and bring it into every aspect of your life.  If you want to be motivated and to access and follow your dreams then Heather is the right person for you. 

Robyn Mills. Psychologist, Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant, Singer, Radio Host, and Artist.



Are You Ready To Grow Your Life and or Business in Creative and Enjoyable Ways?


Do you remember being a small child and/or teenager and people asking you what you were going to be when you grew up? It may have seemed incredibly daunting for some to answer that question, while for others it was simple.

When you realise that we spend a third, or more, of our time in the workplace every day, knowing you are where you are meant to be and knowing why you are doing what you are doing is incredibly important. 

You may be working where and how you are for one or more of the following reasons. You are:


Working to live

Living to work

Working to love

Or loving to work


How are these different, and how do they affect, or are affected by your visions and dreams?

  • Working to live. We all know what it means to work to live, to put food on the table, provide shelter, and sustain your lifestyle. 
  • Living to work means you are driven by the work that you do and it is more of a vocation and chosen career than a job. You may feel lost if you are not working most of the time.
  • Working to love suggests that you are working to provide for others whom you love and care for. However, you may not necessarily love your work. or being loving to yourself.
  • Loving your work is when you love and are comfortable in what you do, and you can use your natural gifts. You love to see how your work makes a difference for those you love and serve. You appreciate what it brings. 

Creative Visioning helps you to think about what you do and why you do it. It assists you to realise that everyone works for different reasons.

Everyone is sure to agree that what we are all seeking deep down in life and our work is Freedom Freedom to make choices, freedom to express and participate, freedom to vision and co-create the life we dream of. Sometimes freedom comes simply from understanding and accepting why you do what you do. Both of these Creative Vision Planning training courses will take you one step closer to Freedom.



Key benefits 

  • You will learn new ways to discover and strengthen what you value and really want in your life by having a clear focus to build your manifesting energy around.
  • An expansion of possibility and confidence as you bring your dreams to life and learn to trust yourself and your capacity as a Creative Visionary and Master of Co-Creation. 
  • Tremendous, moments of joy and inspiration. 
  • The satisfaction of being ready to take action and step fully into your life with clear vision and steps to reach your goals. 
  • If you take this training course online, you will be offered broad range of quality training videos, audios and transcripts to assist you to fully benefit from your well considered investment. 



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