Essence Workshop



Create an Essence

of Your True-Heart Nature


A beautiful workshop in Nature. 

Date to be Announced.

I look forward to joining you in Nature in the Autumn to hold space for you to create an essence that reflects the truth of who you are.
Guided by the Sacred Drum and Shamanic Drum Journeys, you will call in your strengths and gifts to charge your essence with all you need to walk courageously, confidently and consciously on your path.
Please register your interest and the date will be announced in the near future.
Blessings, and I look forward to sharing this beautiful offering with you. It is one of the favourites of my trainees in Shamanic Path and Practice and this will be the first time I have offered outside of the training module called Healing the Ego to Discover the Authentic Self.

A Spirited Story


"The shamanic work has opened many doors of resolve and insight towards creating a better me.

Your methodology was so gentle and fulfilled a dream come true as it has enhanced my life, my relationships and my work now, and I am sure forever.

Thankyou so much.

Jo Ross



A Spirited Story


"Thank you so much for facilitating a soulful experience for myself yesterday. My journey within led to harvest  offerings in ways I cannot put into words. I am forever grateful to be reminded on a soul, spirit level my deep connection to self, other, my natural surroundings, the angelic and spirit realms. This 'way' opens up many doors if you trust and allow it to. I would highly recommend it to all who seek, healing, light and love.

Victoria, Shamanic Workshop Attendee

Your Investment


10am - 4pm

Maleny Neighbourhood Centre Garden

Date to be announced.



Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.

With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
Thank you for stopping by here and we hope to hear from you soon!