Heather values and participates extensively within a number of communities. Her primary interest is in sharing shamanic teachings from the earth. She takes Shamanic Wisdom Walks along local beaches and under the Moon, connecting people with nature and natural cycles, and the path of The Sacred. 

Heather has also travelled to several remote community gatherings in southwestern NSW and central Queensland to share her earth teachings to hundreds of people. She has enjoyed delivering a powerful message  - "It is time for us all to live consciously and confidently, stepping up to meet your dreams, keeping an open and resilient heart, in love and gratitude always".
Heather has offered her services to community in one way or another for twenty years, and her passion for community involvement has no doubt been influenced by her parents while growing up in a bush community. Heather grew up understanding how important it is to assist and be a part of local community.


International Women's Day, Maleny: Project Manager, with Christine Lester and Stephanie Lister and other women in the local community, for Installation: Hung Out To Dry. An initiative to bring to attention the current crisis in housing for older women, and women with children. This has been inspired by a movement to support women in this situation in Byron Bay who are leading the way in solution finding for this crisis. 

Online Weekly Facebook Live Sacred Drum Ceremony, by donation. Primarily supporting those affected by the COVID crisis. Began third Sunday of March 2020, and has been held every Sunday since.

VisionKeepers: Heather had a vision in 2014 to form a leadership community in the cities the works in, and in 2016 she co-founded the group known as VisionKeepers Sydney with 6 other women, Kana Lea Love, Michelle Mahrer, Sama Balson, Tara Fischer and Izobella Floret, and in 2019, VisionKeepers Brisbane with Nicolas Perrin. Members of these groups meet regularly to share the journey of leadership s and discuss their personal and professional growth, co-creating and collaborating when the opportunity presents.

Parenting 2.0: Heather is a global ambassador for this community of thought leaders passionate about promoting the concept of teaching life skills to everyone, from as young an age as possible, to assist them to navigate their journey through life with more confidence and ease. Founded in USA by Marlaine Cover, this community has expanded across all continents. Heather's skill centres around environmental literacy and earth wisdom and community consciousness. Follow this LINK for Heather's presentation on Listen to The Voice Within, 2018. Apologies for the poor light in the video.

Radiance Dance Sydney
​Founded by Michelle Mahrer, Heather is a regular participant in this community and has co-created with Michelle and other facilitators at Radian Dance retreats in 2019, offering shamanic wisdom teachings. 

The Labyrinth Woodford Folk Festival
Heather is a regular facilitator for those who visit the Labyrinth each year over the Festive Season. She teaches earth wisdom, and processes to strengthen and shine as individuals, and as part of a Whole.

The Unity Community Sydney
Heather is a member, and a facilitator and speaker at their most recent gathering, of this active group of people seeking ways to unite toward a healthier and more conscious planet and existence 

​Earth and Spirit Collective
​Heather has been a founding member of this conscious community which strives to find ways to supportive planet, humanity , and during gates create shifts, preserving and promoting the wisdom of the First Peoples of this land. 

Heather is an active member of this women's community in Brisbane, and has been supporting them for well over a decade by offering her services to the community in a number of ways.


Heather has offered regular meditation classes for her local community at Ubuntu Integrated Medical Centre Stafford and has in the past been regularly invited to share inspirational presentations for a local cancer support group. 

Heather has been ceremonial holder and offered workshops for the Animal Imagery Festival in Northern NSW, Australia in 2008 to 2010, and for the 'Being Woman' gatherings at the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia from 2009 -2019. She has opened and closed a number of health expos, and has travelled across three states in Australia, and to New Zealand to hold community workshops and sacred meditation and teaching circles. 

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Woodford Folk Festival


A member of this local community, volunteer as stage manager and presenter since 2013 until recent 2020. 


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VisionKeepers NSW


Visionary and Co-Founder since 2016. This is a leadership group supporting sustainability and care for the earth, community and each other. 

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Parenting 2.0


Global Ambassador promoting the education of Life Skills to be freely available for all children and adults. 


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Early Days - History 

History of Community Service
Always involved in her children's school and local community, Heather's first major community project was for Youthweek facilitating art lessons and the making of banners with an indigenous artist and over 700 local children from district school in Goondiwindi, in south west Queensland, Australia. This was followed soon after by a joint project with 6 other surrounding artists and fellow students of Flying Arts School to educate local community in installation art. She also ran a number of minor art projects with a local indigenous artist, and using her own artistic skills. 

Soon after moving to the city in 1996, Heather began to find ways to share her combined gifts of art and creative communication and was artist in resident for a program designed to assist children at risk. Heather travelled to a number of schools over the next three years, sharing her artistic gifts as a means of communicating with challenged children.  Heather, and the teams she worked with, won a number of educational awards for the ground-breaking work project they facilitated. 

While undertaking studies in social science, Heather sought out field work at the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Healing centre in Woolloongaba, in Brisbane. There, she began to make connections with local indigenous folk, and began to feel at home in the city as she connected with people who understand her passion for the earth and her creatures, and the shamanic way. She has lead healing circles and mediation groups in her local communities since 2004. 


Corporate and Community in Partnership 


Since 2008, Heather has held hundreds of small and large shamanic circles for the communities she lives and works in, throughout Australia and in New Zealand.  Her mission is to 'wake-up' as many people as she can into Community Consciousness and the ease and grace of life when living confidently, with clear vision and direction. She has been able to fund this through her corporate work.