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The Call of Sacred Drum


Sacred Drum Spirit 

My first drum spirit came in my dreams every night for a week, waking me each time from a deep sleep. Drum was calling to me, and there was no way to resist. I called in a way to meet the Sacred Drum, and within another week I had birthed my first ceremony drum. 

Now I play a plant medicine, fibre-skin Remo drum, and it's spirt is as strong as ever. My Sacred Drum, as I love to call it, loves to play with the wind and the birds, as they do with it.

Our Sacred Drums serve us in many ways:

  • In ceremony
  • In celebration
  • In healing and rebalancing energy fields
  • To clear space and raise its vibration
  • In journeying and retrieving lost parts of our soul
  • In soothing and calming
  • In calling in dreams and visions
  • To call in and connect with benevolent spirits
  • In sending out light and love and prayers
  • When a child is being birthed and/or blessed
  • As company
  • In song and play


Sunday Facebook Live Drum Circles


On Sunday March 22, 2020, I began offering Sacred Drum ceremony on Facebook Live, to reassure my tribe that I was holding them through the huge changes that spread across the planet with the arrival of COVID 19. 

I have held an live online circle every Sunday since.

During these circles, I guide participants through ceremonial process, creating a shamanic mandala to hold the space, before taking those attending on a journey around a theme that comes to me. Each week we journey with our Sacred Drums with a different theme. 

These consistent connections, almost fifty sacred drum circles in a row,  have been a fabulous help for many who tune it, and transformational for me as well.

I have formed an online facebook group where participants love to share their experience. You can find out all you need to know to partake in these Sunday Sacred Drum Journeys by joining this group. 

You are given an opportunity to offer an energy exchange of $10 each time you join. I place a link for that on the event page each week.

You will find a LINK to the group Shamanic Mandala and Sacred Drum below, and I look forward to connecting with you there. 

A Spirited Story


"Very interesting journey today. After my beautiful leap into the cosmos I landed on a large whale's back who took me straight to Saturn.  Here I sat in incredible stillness and focus, and hearing a clear voice saying  "enable voices to be heard".  I connected a great deal to the energy of Saturn, letting me know I can find a great deal of learning from Saturn medicine. And that my dreaming has been my life's work, whale reminded me not to sit dreaming for too long and Saturn taught me to action my dreaming with the next step."

TG, Facebook Live Sacred Drum Journeys


A Spirited Story


"My guide today was the giant tortoise. I snuggled on his back and felt the rhythm of his slow and steady pace. He reminded me of your words of perseverance as we get to a speed bump.  

More from Susan next Journey....

Bluebird guided me up the mountain where I met fire beings. They took me to an ancient place where the gift of wisdom was shared."

Susan, Facebook Live Sacred Drum Journeys

A Little Bit Of Feedback From The Sacred Drum Circles 



​I feel so blessed to have found you at this time (Tamara)

Wonderful sharing, thank you (Gabrielle)

Thanks for sharing such beautiful words and wisdom of the heart (Darshnas)

Really enjoyed this thank you (Ris)

So held beautiful woman (Claire)

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Perfect for this time, thank you (Kath)

Thank you Heather, so beautiful (Francine)

Thankyou everyone - please save this so others can enjoy! (Julie)

Thank you, blessings to all and hope to watch it again! (D)

Thank you that was beautiful (Emma)

Yes! (Lynette)

I love you Heather! (Anastasia)

It was wonderful to hear your voice (Kerstin)

Amazing as always.. ahh so much lighter ... was here drumming in trance. Didn't miss a beat and was fantastic to connect like that (Maddy)

Deeply appreciated Heather (Sam)

​Such a pleasure drumming with you.. feeling grateful for all we have (Robin)

Thankyou Heather and everyone (Carly)

Really enjoyed it thank you (Louise)

Feeling so magically whole and abundantly loved. Delightful, Truly blissfully. Magic Mountain, Crystal Dragon I shall return (Ros)

Such a restorative process and I am full of gratitude and deep, deep love (Claire). 

Thankyou for your beautiful medicine... Feeling very grateful and light, open (Geeti)

​Thank you Heather and all sharing circle. My heart is full of gratitude (Dara)

​That was brilliant (Belinda).


With acknowledgement and respect for those who originally walked this country, and to current the custodians, elders past, present, and emerging, and my many teachers. To my ceremony sisters and brothers, thank you for walking with me and sharing your wisdom and love for this country and all peoples and beings of earth, water, fire and air. To the Old People returning, thank you for showing us the way home. ​​
Thank you for stopping by here and we hope to hear from you soon!