Mastering Co-Creation

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You Are One Step Closer To Becoming A Master Co-Creator 


Do you often feel powerless over how your life, and your day, unfolds?

Would you appreciate having transformative resources to assist you to feel more like a partner in your existence?

There is no doubt that there are some things out of our control, no matter how much effort we put into their creation. However, I am sure you will agree that at times we look back and can see that we could have done more to enhance or prevent a situation from happening. Where we realise in hindsight that there was another, easier or more rewarding path we could have taken, if only we had taken more time to make our intention clear and plan the way forward.





Mastering Co-Creation

With Your Vision/Co-Creation Board

Vision boards became extremely popular in 2006 when a movie called The Secret was released, and The Law of Attraction became a popular concept. By the time the supposed manifesting secret had been shared, I had been running creative visionboard, now called vision/co-creation boards workshops with my local community for a couple of years and had seen some wonderful dreams unfold. I'll never forget the excitement of hearing the news of one of my first visionboard clients telling me the news that she was pregnant. She and her husband had been trying for a baby for four years, and after creating her visionboard, something shifted.  Angela was thrilled as their dream finally came true. She kindly wrote a testimonial for me at the time. Clearly there was more than creating the visionboard that contributed to this special gift, with Angela turning also to a naturopath for help. However, there is no doubt that setting out to look at this dream from all angles and seeing what steps needed to be taken, and placing these determinedly onto the board, then focusing on it positively every day, contributed greatly to the fantastic outcome. 

It made sense to me at that time that in order to manifest the life of our dreams, we need to see what they looked like and put them somewhere where we could be reminded of them often. It still makes sense. Being an artist all of my life has taught me the healing power and joy of creating and admiring images, words and symbols that depict and reflect feelings and desires. 

Josie Thomson, Resilience, Mindset & NeuroLeadership Expert, International Speaker, Multi Award Winning Coach, Author and Cancer Survivor and Co-author of The Wise Advocate, the inner Voice of Strategic Leadership (with psychiatrist Jeffrey Swartz and strategy expert Art Kleiner) has this to say about focused visioning: 

"For me personally I know the visual cortex is the biggest and strongest in our brain and significantly hijacks our other senses. 

Novelty gets our attention, and our brain loves pictures. Even our words are at times 'visualised' in some way as we associate them with thoughts, memories and experiences. Attention commands our focus. What we focus on grows. 

Having a visual 'dream board' of how I want my life to be, shapes my intentions for the day and informs how I greet my day with my attitude, focus and actions. I get more intentional and less distracted.”


After creating many vision boards for my own dreaming with wonderful results, with my 2020 board seeing 80% success despite pandemic, and helping scores of people to do the same, I realised there was more to simply visioning your way by creating a board and looking at it a couple of times. I realised the journey of preparing and reviewing what you wanted to put on the board, followed by searching for and deciding where to place your pictures and words, was a very significant part of the process of co-creation. As time passed, I realised that it was extremely wise and important to add goals and opportunities for immediate tasks and actions to be put into place during the Vision/Co-Creation Board process. During my research on the benefits of guided imagery for success, I came across the work of Tara Swart, author of The Source: The Secrets of the Universe. Tara transitioned from her path in medicine as a psychiatrist to neuroscience, becoming an executive coach. Using vision boards (her preferred terminology is 'action' boards) as a major tool (Source: Scipiono J. Article: Top execs use this visualization trick to achieve success. The Science of the Brain.

To strengthen your chances of success of becoming a Master Co-Creator l have factored in the following goal-setting perimeters: 


Your long term Dreams, up to five years.

Your Visions for next 3 months to a year.

Your Quests and Tasks for the next 3 weeks. 

Immediate Actions beginning today. 


In 2009, I was invited to take my vision/co-creation board workshops into the corporate world and was overwhelmed by the joy that they brought into these interactive spaces. In 2021, I presented my twelfth vision/co-creation board training to an accountancy firm who keeps asking me back because they get fantastic results! I get asked back not only because their personal and organisational dreams  come true, it is also because of the unifying effect this delightful co-creation journey takes them on.  It never ceases to amaze me how creating dreams together can unite us, especially when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in sharing our deepest desires, and when we help each other with the process, and to be accountable to continue to set goals to support the unfolding. 

These clear, well designed and successfully trialled creation processes and steps will all assist you to become a confident Master Co-Creator, that is, an empowered partner in the creation of your life. Life will no longer feel like everything is happening to you. Instead, you will feel more like you are working alongside the creation of your life. Like the Universe, or the Co-Creation Energy Source of your own understanding, is listening and has your back.

While it is great to know that you are supported energetically, it is just as important to be able to communicate with and be guided by this Co-Creation Energy Source. That is why I have developed and teach what is called the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness (SCMC). This is a map of your Whole Self, your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mindful intelligence, combined with the Co-Creation Energy Source that is within, above, below, and around you. 

This SCMC guides you to consider all aspects of your Whole Self as you consider and consciously plan what you are calling in, and where you will place your dreams, visions, goals and tasks on the board. You will be taught a great deal more about this map of Whole Self in the course, and will have it to turn to in all matters and turning to it to guide you, as a Master Co-Creator,  into living, leading and loving in a spirited way. 


When Is The Best Time to create a Vision/Co-Creation Board?

This is a question that I am asked all the time and I want to make clear up front. 

There is no specific time to create these boards, nor one reason. 

  • They may be created early in the year, or financial year, and used as a guide for the year ahead.
  • They may be used as a 'pick me up' and to give you some fresh ideas when you have lost your way. 
  • They may be created to support a special project, quest, or request, at any time.
  • They may be created to support a major decision, and help carve a smooth path ahead. 
  • They could be used as a team-building exercise to support a joint vision.
  • You might like to create a board of this kind once or twice a year, or once every couple of years. 
  • They may be used after a coaching/counselling/mentoring/planning/consulting session with a client as a visual summary of what was discussed and discovered, or to map out quests and goals for the path ahead.

In this online course, you will...

In this online course, you will be introduced to a number of creative tools to guide the steps of creating your vision/co-creation board. 

The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness: Your first tool is a shamanic map called The Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness (SCMC). This map is a blueprint of your operating system and your potential as your Whole Self. It places all the major areas of who you are in four directions across your board, in the East, North, West and South. These represent your Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual aspects and intelligence that assist to exist in the world as your Whole Self. There are four other directions or 'worlds' on the map that support you on the journey. These greatly support you but are less known about and are not as visible or necessarily part of your conscious knowing. They are the Worlds Below, Above, Within and Without.

You will be guided by the Sacred Circle Map at all times when exploring where you are at with your dreams and visions when selecting and placing images on your board. This map makes it very easy for you to navigate your way around your board, and assists you to find your way as time passes and your dreams and visions begin to manifest. 

Self-enquiry and Measurement: The next significant tool on this journey of co-creation is a survey to measure where you are at now in all major areas of your life, and to see where you would like to be. Once you have taken time to thoroughly investigate and measure where you are at in these significant areas of your life, you are invited to choose which ones you identify as being in need of attention and necessary for you to live a fulfilling life. You will then take the visions you have chosen for these areas on a more visual journey. 

Choosing and Placing Images, Words, and Symbols: The fun part begins, as you are encouraged to discover images to represent these areas of your life when they are fulfilled. This process may be somewhat different from how you may have done before. It is a well-tried process that is not only great fun and at times it surprises you.

Clarifying Long and Short term Visions, Goals, Steps and Actions: There is space dedicated in your self-enquiry exercises and on your board to allow you to explore and decide on the actions you will need to take to ensure what you imagine becomes possible. 

Focused Visioning: Once your board has been created, you will  have a visual map of your life that you can look at and journey with every day. Your focus is now clear, and it is up to you to set goals to support you to be in the best possible position to co-create your dreams and visions. 

☆ Taking Action and Congruence: This is one of the most important steps as a Co-Creator. It reflects your commitment to actively participate in the co-creation process. By taking action, you are demonstrating your belief in the process. You need to be aware that your thoughts are congruent with your actions, however. If you are acting while thinking it won't work, then you are sending out mixed messages. 

The outcomes you can anticipate include:

  • You will develop a broader perspective of who you are within an ancient map of wisdom.
  • You will have a greater realisation of what it is that you really want.
  • What may be resisting your path as a powerful Co-Creator, bring this to the light to transform into new energy and new ways to move forward.
  • You will enjoy a creative and exciting experience of putting your dreams into visual form with clear focus.
  • You will have clear steps to take over time.
  • You will develop a greater sense of being a partner in life’s unfolding.

A Gratitude Story


"I found the vision board making the experience really helped to focus my intentions for what I wanted to create in 2020 and Heather's tutelage was warm and inviting.

As 2020 unfolded, the images and concepts on my vision board continued to hold a space for creation even in the midst of the Coronavirus changes.

As I look back now, I have to say that what I envisioned and prepared for last year did come to fruition - perhaps not in the way I thought they would, but I have held the essence of what I intended and I created what I desired even in the midst of all the 2020 chaos.

I highly recommend Heather's workshop as a creative way to anchor in one's personal intentions and expectations for a changing world."

Meg, Psychologist

A Gratitude Story


"I had heard about vision boards but hadn't actually done one until Heather's workshop.

I really enjoyed thinking about what I truly in my heart would like to manifest and putting it on paper.

I had it up on my wall in my bedroom so that every morning and evening I would see it. 

I didn’t have a job at the time and I really wanted to manifest one. Within 2 weeks I was offered a role.

I felt so blessed to have a job throughout 2020 and now I’ve been made permanent. 

I highly recommend doing the workshop".

Aprille, Marketing


Are You Ready To Become

A Master Co-Creator?

Do you remember being a small child and how excited you were to find a fluffy  dandelion seed pod to wish upon? I remember thinking the faeries had kindly placed them on my path. While it seemed important to have something to wish for, the most exciting part was the surprise of finding the seed pod on my path, and blowing it out to the wind. We all love to feel like there is a benevolent, even magical, source or force of kindness and wisdom within nature supporting us onto a clear path toward our dreams. When we find signs on our path like a dandelion pod ready to capture and carry out our dreams to the creative forces within nature, we feel connected to this source. 

Every moment is as exciting and precious as coming across and blowing a magical dandelion pod to the wind. However, the joy doesn't stop there.  Your thoughtfully crafted and created Vision/Co-Creation Board brings great pleasure and inspiration each time you glance at it, or take time to study and find out more about what it might promise. 

Creating a Vision/Co-Creation Board is indeed a joyful and often surprising experience. It takes about six hours to create, inclusive of more than two and a half hours of supporting teaching material in the form of video, audio and transcripts.

When you follow the processes suggested, these boards can be far more than a fleeting moment of joy. They can become a major influence in your daily life, a living map to navigate your way as a Master CoCreator

They are so much fun and truly effective, and really do work when you see and treat them with respect and work with them consistently over time to fully realise and activate their potential.

During my research to find material to support the processes behind this project, I came across some interesting information about one of the most prolific authors of our time, Jack Canfield. Jack, a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and entrepreneur co-authored Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He has authored and co-authored more than 200 books, with 500 million copies in over 40 languages. On his website, Jack pays tribute to the creative power of Visionboards, claiming they are a major tool of influence behind his great success (

Clearly, success comes about when we fully realise the potential of tapping into a source of energy beyond the physical, visible world, and when imaging is combined with preparation and action! 

Are you ready to learn a whole lot more about yourself and become a confident and conscious Master Co-Creator, truly living, loving and leading in a spirited way?

If you feel a 'yes' in every fibre of your being and want to find out more - click the link below and we will connect you to the sales page to sign up now for this fulfilling adventure into mastering the co-creation of your dreams, visions, and goals.


Key benefits from this course

  • You will learn new ways to discover and strengthen what you value and really want in your life by having a clear focus to build your manifesting energy around.
  • An expansion of possibility and confidence as you bring your dreams to life and learn to trust yourself and your capacity as a Master of Co-Creation. 
  • Tremendous, moments of joy and inspiration. 
  • The satisfaction of being ready to take action and step fully into your life with clear vision and steps to reach your goals. 
  • A broad range of quality videos, audios and transcripts to assist you to fully benefit from your well considered investment. 




Time To Take Action

Your Dreaming has brought you here. Now it's up to you to trust and take action to become a Master Co-Creator of your Life. 



Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.

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